Can't monitor the track your recording on w input monitoring on....

TubeLover wrote on 6/23/2004, 7:46 AM
When ever i punch in a vocalist, they always like to hear back a little bit of what they laid down before but for some reason when input monitor is on, if you start the cursor a little before the intended record spot, it won't play whatever's before the cursor while input monitoring. So I have to open another track, which isn't that big a deal but i thought I remembered being able to do that in 4.0. Is that not a feature in 5.0?


PeterVred wrote on 6/23/2004, 10:09 PM
My input monitor is working great, better than it did in 4.0. It was always spotty before, it would work until band showed up, then would quit working.
Now it works every time, and the Auto input monitor works great as well.
I can hear what is "on tape" until i hit the punch-in event, then I hear the mic input.
or are you saying your vocalist wants to hear the "bad" take while recording the new ? i don't get it really.
PeterVred wrote on 6/24/2004, 6:45 AM
Are you Splitting the Punch in/out points from the rest of the previous vocal take? In order to hear the "OLD" take, i think you would need to Split in/out points, then backup your cursor to where you want to roll, then HIGHLIGHT the "SPLIT" event. Then record. If you aren't splitting, then no you should not hear the old take because it is getting buried under the new.
With 5.0 now you CAN do a RUNNING PUNCH that will allow hearing the old take without splitting the track, which is cool too, but you need to be on your toes to punch in just right. I prefer the "splitting event" way.
do you know what i mean?
TubeLover wrote on 6/24/2004, 7:00 AM
you don't understand. Let's say you have 2 tracks is a rap beat, the other is the rap vocal being recorded. Let's say the line being recorded is....I'm a real crazy gangsta from the ghetto. Let's say he messed up "from the getto," but he wants to hear "I'm a real crazy gangsta "to know where to punch in. Previously i would just click the cursor to a couple of words before they need to punch in as a guide. and unhighlight it so that it wouldn't record over it, but it would appear to be then when done crop the unused event to the edge of where the old take ended. Sometimes in the process I end up capturing those few words before a little better...if the singer sings along with himself for placement. get so now when he messes up....I have to arm a new track and reset all my settings because vegas won't play the track and the monitor at the same time.What should I do now?Thanks for responding.
PeterVred wrote on 6/24/2004, 8:03 AM
Ok, I got ya. What you are saying is you DO NOT split the vocal track just before and after "from the ghetto". That is why you aren't hearing the old vocal. The new track is going over it and when finished you have to slide (crop) the new track to expose the old.

What I would do is this: Split the event before & after "in the ghetto". Back the cursor up to before the "i'm a real crazy" part, make sure that part is NOT highlighted, then HOLD CONTROL KEY and Highlight the Punch in event that you just split out from the rest of the track, only the area where you want the new vocal.

Set the Input monitor to AUTO, this allows you to hear ONLY the old vocal from where you "roll tape", the singer will not hear himself sing until he reaches the actual punch in point (however vegas IS recording it from where you started recording, only vegas automatically crops it down to just the punch in event.)

When the punch in point is reached, vegas mutes the old vocal and monitors the new. shows the new vocal in the punched in event...however, you can drag the front edge of that event to the left...exposing what he had been singing before the punch in point was reached, very cool. Be sure to drag the "old" vocal event to the left to hide the old vocal first, or you will get a big crossfade.

Scenario 2: After you split that punch in event, and backed up, and highlighted the punch in event, On the Input monitor button, select "ON" instead of AUTO.
What happens now is that when the singer does the new dub, he hears the old vocal ALONG WITH the new one...Vegas does NOT mute the mic input before the punch point. This is how vegas 4.0 worked. You heard both.

Right Now (if I read you correctly), you aren't "splitting" out the punch in range. Because you might want to keep those few words that you are recording before the punch in point is reached...and that's fine. But you get the same result by splitting out the event as i previously's just that you have to drag it to the left to expose the part of the new take that you didn't hear as you recorded.

This new "AUTO INPUT MONITOR" in Vegas is exactly like recording on multitrack tape, like in the old days, it is probably the best new feature and you need to know how to use it to your advantage.

I hope this makes sense to's very difficult to explain on paper what would be easy in person.

Worse come to worse...I will be in my studio mixing tonight and would not mind a call, and we could go over a punch together while i sit on front of my computer.

I will be there from 7:30- 10pm Central time (illinois) 217.323.3782, call if you need but I think if you play around, you will get it.

PeterVred wrote on 6/24/2004, 10:10 AM
If you don't get me still, Go to Support/Updates/Vegas5.0b/ and download the "New Features White Paper" PDF file, pages 47-49 have all the details on what I tried to describe, As well as the punch in on the fly stuff.
TubeLover wrote on 6/24/2004, 3:43 PM
Thanks alot for your response PeterVred

I am familiar with on the fly from some of my older equipment and also from cubase. O.K. so what about when you want to keep going? Most of my punch ins involve continuing on with the song. Like picking it up from "from the ghetto" and going on with the song.With it like this now, what's better to do, arm a new track so they can hear where they are in the recording(what they recorded last to que off), or place an empty event after it and highlight it? Thanks for your time PeterVred
PeterVred wrote on 6/25/2004, 7:11 AM
Yep, in that won't work for you.
Vegas will keep recording past the highlighted event, but you won't hear it, you will hear the old vocal.

in your case, a new track seems to be the only option.

I don't mean to be pretentious about vegas...i am a relative newbie and only comment when i think i can help, and I don't always understand the question. I'm sure I only scratch the surface in vegas and in digital/computer recording in general. After reading a free copy of Mix magazine last night, i realize how much i don't know about all this stuff. I should probably just shuddup...but i can't! I am just so excited about vegas and what it's done for my little home studio.