Can't seem to normalize events together

valnar wrote on 7/27/2002, 7:05 PM
I imported 6 AVI files that were captured via an analog capture board. I added each one after another to create a seamless "virtual" file in the timeline.

Now when I try to normalize the audio, it normalizes each section individually, so you can see (and hear) the jumps in the dB level between the files/events.

I tried grouping the whole thing together, but it still won't work. How can I make all these files act as one big file to Vegas without re-rendering the whole thing to another AVI file on my HDD?



Chienworks wrote on 7/27/2002, 7:44 PM
I haven't found a simple way around this, but one thing you can do that isn't a whole lot of trouble is this:

- find the clip that has the least amount of volume increase (right-mouse-click, properties)
- for all the other clips, calculate the difference in increase between it and the least clip
- drag the level of each of these clips down by their own amount of difference.

So, if for example, the loudest clip was raised in volume 6.8dB, another clip that was raised 9.3dB should be reduced by 2.5dB to make it the same.
valnar wrote on 7/27/2002, 8:30 PM
Gee, that sucks. There is no way to make Vegas think of the whole thing as one event?
Sari wrote on 7/28/2002, 7:29 AM
It is not a Vegas Problem. Normalization happens by event. What you can do is, after you have put your events close to one another, make them really one event by rendering the whole thing to a new track. Now that new wave becoms ONE event. Normalize it, and you will not hear jumps in volume.

By the way do you really undrestand what nomalization does, and to what.

Chienworks wrote on 7/28/2002, 9:40 AM
If you don't want to take the time to render the entire video, you can render just the sound tracks to a .WAV file, then load that into replace the individual events, then normalize this single file.
valnar wrote on 7/29/2002, 7:34 AM
That did it. Thanks.