Cannot Register CD Arch 5.2 (edited)

JimGrubbs wrote on 4/24/2012, 4:47 PM
I built a new computer to replace an existing computer.
I loaded SF9 and CD Arch 5.2 on the new computer, but
I got a error message:
"An error occurred during registration...."

I thought it might be a problem with moving the software to a new computer,
so I purchased SFPro 10 which has CD Arch 5.2d on the install disk.

I removed SF9 and CD Arch 5.2b before installing SF10 and CD Arch 5.2d.

SFPro 10 installed just fine. But I get the same error message with
CD Arch 5.2d.

I have tried un-installing and re-installing CD Arch 5.2d several times, rebooting the computer after each un-install. I get the same error message.

I checked on the Sony "My Account" page, and I find the correct serial number
for the CD Arch 5.2d is registered (in addition to 2 other earlier CD Arch 5 serial number).

Any suggestions?
I may be ok, because when I start CD Arch 5.2d, I do not
get any messages saying "XX days to register."