Cannot render a HD quality file - AVCHD to MP4

Maynes wrote on 8/16/2016, 4:56 PM
Using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 - I'm trying to import and edit AVCHD files then render as MP4, can anyone tell me if I'm doing anything obviously wrong?

I'm rendering using the following settings (which match the source clips imported from my Panasonic DMC-FZ200) (PAL because 50i - UK):

Here is what the original source footage looks when like played back:

Here is what I'm seeing after rendering:

As you can see, it looks really ghosty and no way near the quality as the source footage - I have the project properties matched up the the media properties, I have full-rendering resolution quality set to best. Why do my renders looks horrible? Is it something to do with my display?

Thanks to anyone that can offer any suggestions or point out what I'm doing wrong.

Here's my rig:

Operating System
Platform: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Version: 6.01.7601 (Service Pack 1)
Language: English
System locale: English
User locale: English

Class: AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor
Identifier: AuthenticAMD
Number of processors: 4
MMX available: Yes
SSE available: Yes
SSE2 available: Yes
SSE3 available: Yes
SSSE3 available: Yes
SSE4.1 available: Yes
SSE4.2 available: Yes

Primary: 1920x1080x32

Physical memory: 8,173.6 MB
Paging memory available: 16,345.3 MB


EricLNZ wrote on 8/16/2016, 6:42 PM
It looks like you are either blending fields on deinterlacing or resampling when changing framerate.

1- In Project Properties check Deinterlace Method is set on Interpolate fields.
2 - If you are changing a clips play speed such as by slowing down go into the clips properties (or Switches) and select Disable Resample.

Lastly I prefer to use the Sony AVC codec instead of Main Concept as I have found it gives me better results but some find otherwise.
musicvid10 wrote on 8/16/2016, 7:14 PM
Wrong frame rate settings.
Run MediaInfo on source and output -- include project and render settings -- are you slowing down or speeding up the video??
Maynes wrote on 8/17/2016, 3:32 PM
Thank you so much, dude. Setting Deinterlace Method to Interpolate fields fixed this problem!
I'm not too brushed up on file formats, is AVC better than MP4? How will this effect uploading to youtube?
Chienworks wrote on 8/17/2016, 6:21 PM
AVC is a codec, MP4 is a container (file type). You can put many different codecs inside many different file types. Think of AVC as being one flavor of many (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.) while MP4 is a cone, MOV is a waffle cone, and AVI is a dish. You can put whatever flavor you like in a cone or a dish, as you please.

So asking which is better, AVC or MP4, isn't a meaningful question.

AVC excels at maintaining the most of the original quality while compressing to the smallest file size, so it's a good choice for codec. Most players that support AVC usually expect it to be in an MP4 file format so it's a good choice to maintain compatibility. So, the combination of the two is a winning choice.
UKharrie wrote on 8/18/2016, 6:18 PM
I do like that explanation
. . . . . . now, if only I could remember it.
-and where does m2ts fit this style of explanation? ( It's the default I find most useful as my BlueRay player accepts it ) ....but some UK-club "Players" appear to struggle with anything that's no Adobe-or-MP4 - We use the PAL-50 standard here as you may know. I still film in 50i (interlaced) as a force of habit