Cannot start new/empty project. VP18 100% crash

hambonio wrote on 8/6/2020, 8:03 PM

It occurred to me this evening all the testing I have done so far has been with one clip in one project. This is a fresh Windows 10 install (2004).

I tried to create a new project, and VP18 instantly crashed.

I opened it again, it loaded the same project I had been testing again, and once again crashed when I tried to start a new file. This is happening 100%. I thought using the File menu to create a new project was getting me somewhere, but then it still crashed. I have also tried ctrl+n just in case. No luck.

I have no effects on any clips. There are a ton of splits in the clip as I was trying to reproduce the split/delete crash talked about in another post. (I am happy to say I am currently unsuccessful at reproducing that in VP18, even though that was a huge issue for me in VP17. This is however a simple test and not thorough and info for another post)

But now, it seems I am stuck in that project, forever.....

All these posts have inspired me to install OBS and try it out, so now I can share with you in motion what is going on. This was installed on my PC after I had issues with the crashes.



hambonio wrote on 8/8/2020, 6:57 AM

Does anyone have any tips? My only workaround at the moment is using my secondary PC to create a blank project I can open in this VP18. I still cannot start a fresh project from this PC.

j-v wrote on 8/8/2020, 7:38 AM

When you are able to go to Options/Preferences/General and unselect "Automatically open last project on startup" and close the program. Now every new start is with an empty project.
If that Preference is not possible to change, delete in Windows the project that always start in Vegas and restart Vegas.

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