Canon 24f STILL not working after 2 updates!

Chris Smith wrote on 1/17/2008, 8:06 AM
I have asked Sony for help since Sept. 24 2007 on capturing from a Canon XH-A1 in 24f mode and after two updates it STILL doesn't work. I know all about Split HDV (it crashes on my system) and I didn't pay all this money to have to use an external program to capture my video. I still get an individual clip for every frame during capture. Come on Sony. How about a fix already!! Do you even read your forum or your support questions.


daryl wrote on 1/17/2008, 8:25 AM
I too reported this problem to Sony. They did respond and advised that the problem is being worked on. While it is TERRIBLY frustrating (I have an XH-A1 also), at least Sony did answer me. It must be a complicated problem.
Personally, I'm confident in Sony, they've been very responsive to any technical issues I've had in the past.
Split HDV has been a good proxy for me until VP8 is fixed, hope you find something that works for you as well, good luck.
Laurence wrote on 1/17/2008, 9:37 AM
I am not using the Canon camera, but I believe I can still help:

I don't believe that HDVSplit is causing your crashes. The crashes are from mpeg2 errors recorded on the tape. I get the same number of these errors whether I capture from Vegas or HDVSplit.

What I recommend is to capture with HDVSplit since it is better than the Vegas capture anyway. If you experience crashing with the captured clips, figure out which clips are crashing and resave them with MPEG VCR from After they are resaved, they will take a little more CPU to preview, but they won't crash anymore.

You may find that you get fewer of these errors using a mini-DV tape rated for HDV.

By the way, you may find some of your offending clips also crash WMP. I view this as evidence that it is not all Vegas's fault.
DJPadre wrote on 1/17/2008, 1:05 PM
Actually Laurence, i believe it IS the application fault (be it HDVsplit or Vegas) as these apps are designed to manage long gop and broken gop/ibp files.

If these tools are being touted as being Long GOP editing/capturing tools, then they should behave as such, irrespective of whether or not there is corruption within the frame/file structure.

It works fine with DV and corrupted AVIs, so there is no reason for it to puke with corrupted mpg. Its that simple.
It seems that teh GOP/ibp profile is being refreshed and not buffered.
By doing this is requires a hell of a lot more CPU grunt, in addition to having hte tendency to flake out if a calculation or frame group is not read correctly during playback or reading once laid on the timeline..

THIS is what these apps need to adress if they keep puking. They should bffer and rebuild any GOP issues based on timeline scale and clip timecode position within the actual track/project, but Vegas doesnt do this..

THIS is why Liquid works so well with almost anything you throw at it, as it buffers and builds the file before you even hit play. And if it needs repair or a rewrite of thw GOP, it will do that in the background.

When i was beta testing Liquid, i used to dliberately try to break it, it was my job to, but i never could..
Turn off BG rendering though and it too would puke (as it would behave much liek Vegas does

In any case, it shouldnt exist
As for the A1, im bitterly dissapointed with Vegas. Not only for this issue which is now getting a lil stupid, but also for the fact that it just so happens that Vegas also doesnt support HVX after all this time.

FrigidNDEditing wrote on 1/17/2008, 2:58 PM
Hey DJ, I can't remember what forum it was on, but I saw posts by people both in Sony and Panasonic "explaining" why there was no support. When it boiled down to it, as far as I can tell, basically Panasonic didn't want to play ball, and when they were called on the carpet by the Sony guy, they just skirted the issue of their unwillingness to share the codec. It basically all boiled down to politics and how Panasonic didn't want to play ball with Sony.

So I wouldn't really expect support from Vegas for the HVX outright unless you get Panasonic to share the codec.