Canon 5dmkII and canon 7d footage in Vegas

DJPadre wrote on 10/5/2009, 6:31 PM
Hey all, before i go nuts with these units Im just wanting to know afew things...

With the video format coming from these cameras, how does one work with the files?
With teh Panasonic GH1, it records as AVCHD, which literally jsut drops into the timeline without an issue (much like the HMC150).

I will list a series of questions to make it easier.
BTW Audio is not an issue as I'll also be shooting with "real" video cameras (canon A1's) , so we can just keep this discussion strictly on the ingestion of teh 5dmkII and 7d formats

1) Can i just drop the 5dmkII and 7d clips into the Vegas timeline or do i need to convert them to anything? Id rather not use an intermediate.

2) does anyone know what the maximum recording time on these cameras is based on the CMOS temp? The Nikons Ive used in the past only shoot for about 6min before pixels begin to fry and the CMOS heats up .Then i need to cool it down for another 5 mins...

3) how does one shoot in 720p 50fps and run that as slowmotion within Vegas? Basically overcranking.

4) what are the typical britrates of these cameras @ 720p 50fps and its 1920x1080p 25p

I think thats about it... hoping for some assistance.


Yoyodyne wrote on 10/6/2009, 12:28 AM
I did a test with the 5D. The files work in Vegas but I had better performance with cineform. When my 7D gets here I can chime in on that one :)

I think the max record time is 12 minutes, as I understand it the CF card is fat 32 and 12 minutes is the 4 gig file size limit. Not sure of the data rate but it sure looks spectacular.
DJPadre wrote on 10/6/2009, 12:34 AM
yeah im not too fussed about playback, as I'll be running it all on a quad core in preview mode for playback... im used to playback not being perfect, BUT I do need to watch it preview...

how did 50p work out??
DJPadre wrote on 10/6/2009, 12:36 AM
thx for the feedback. Can u descirbe how you worked withteh material?? What format was it? did u jstu drop it on the timeline?

Anyone know where i can get some footage to test with??
farss wrote on 10/6/2009, 2:33 AM
Based on reports over at DVInfo runtime on 7D is less than 5D, around 20 minutes on a warm day before camera reports overtemp.
Using an external monitor seems to help get the heat load down. Be warned, the camera reports overtemp but will keep going, until it cooks.

I know you said you didn't want to know about the audio side but maybe you don't know about the Beachtek unit that will cure the audio problemo with these cameras.

We've got one and by all reports works a treat at defeating the AGC.

DJPadre wrote on 10/6/2009, 8:07 AM
thx for that bob.

Im not too phased with the audio as i will also be recording on "normal" video cameras at the same time, if not that, a Zoom audio recorder.

the 20min limit is also somethign i want to keep in check as it wil be short bursts as oposed to long winded recordings... but its good to know

thx again
Patryk Rebisz wrote on 10/6/2009, 10:44 AM
The files are a bitch to edit, so i encoded mine to another format.

Here are my on-hands experience with the camera:
Coursedesign wrote on 10/6/2009, 11:06 AM
Great Patryk, that is really valuable!

Have you tried a small amount of blur or noise reduction to remove some of the artifacts you observed?
Patryk Rebisz wrote on 10/6/2009, 3:11 PM
The problem is that when the footage goes through its compression circuitry the noise stops being a noise but becomes a blurry abstract pattern so the usual tricks won't work here.
DJPadre wrote on 10/10/2009, 6:19 PM
good to know...

wonder if the 7d is much of an improvement...
logiquem wrote on 10/15/2009, 5:06 AM
The codec is just a pain to edit. Much harder than AVCHD in my experience.

Try by yourself with unedited files that you can download from the web. I tried also a file from the Panasonic GF1 (720 p 17 Mgb) and it was pleasantly fluid.
MattWright wrote on 10/23/2009, 2:44 AM
Hi There.

I use the 5D and 7D, on most of my shoots now, I've never encountered the overtemp issue with any of the cameras I have, the recording time limit, is actually down to the way Canon have a 4GB file size limit per clip. This usually equates to about 13 minutes. in HD mode or 30 minutes in SD (but who is going to shoot SD with these)

It really doesn't matter how quick your PC is, you won't be able to edit the raw .MOV files in Vegas easily. It is the decoding engine that is just now optimized yet. I use Cineform most of the time (especially with the 5D), or alternatively I use Ultimate S Pro,as a batch converter to convert each clip in Vegas to an MXF 422 50mb/s (When I shoot at 24 or 25fps). Then edit with these. Lovely.!!

I also use the Zoom H4n, make sure if you are using the 7D, the zoom is set to 48khz, and if using the 5D set to 44.1Khz. This will make sure the audio doesn't drift. I use a clicker / clapper at the beginning of each take, to give me a marker to match the audio in Vegas.

The data rate of the 5D is 42mb/s and the 7D is actually at 47m/bs.

Hope this helps. and enjoy !!

John_Cline wrote on 10/23/2009, 3:11 AM
I'm not sure why you would want to set the sample rate to 44.1k. A minute's worth of audio at 48k is exactly the same length time-wise as a minute's worth of audio at 44.1k. Since most audio-for-video is 48k then why not just use 48k?
Byron K wrote on 10/23/2009, 11:10 AM

I posted this a while back.

I don't have a MKII 5D, I've been very impressed with some of the work that people have posted on the web with this camera. While researching how to edit large .mov files found those links and thought this may be of some assistance to those who have one or maybe someone else can use this technique to edit large .mov files. I was going try and play around with this over the weekend.