Luxo wrote on 10/11/2002, 4:35 AM
The XL1s works fine with vv3.0x. I use them exclusively. Steven Soderberg shot most of Full Frontal on them too (not mine, his own), so I guess it's excellent for low budget films. (Like most film makers, he used PAL cameras for an easier conversion to 24p.) Of course, he edited on Final Cut Pro, so what does he know. :-)

And if Signs is low budget I'm a kangaroo. Goodnight.
SonyEPM wrote on 10/11/2002, 9:06 AM
The XL-1 is really nice, but you might also look at the GL-1, which is a little cheaper. We have both an XL-1 and a GL-1 here and in my opinion the GL-1 produces a BETTER picture (sharper, better contrast) than the XL-1, esp when using full-auto on both cameras. I've heard other say the same thing. Our XL-1 is a first generation model, stock lens, but it is more versatile than the Gl-1, plus there's lots of peripherals available.
JJKizak wrote on 10/11/2002, 12:49 PM
The XL-1S works just fine. Only problem I had was
sound heads getting dirty and fixed with one pass of
cleaning tape (16seconds).

James J. Kizak
jboy wrote on 10/11/2002, 2:18 PM
Be advised that if you see Full Frontal hoping to see what the XL1 can do,Soderberg degraded the image during editing, going for a grittier look, so it wont tell you much. Also, the critics universally HATED this film-(the clips I saw didn't look too good to me either)
delaluz wrote on 10/11/2002, 2:58 PM
Panasonic started shipping this week their new under $3500 DV camera that according to most who have seen its output is the "pick of the litter" for under 5K cameras. You should check the 2-pop forums if interested.
briand wrote on 10/11/2002, 7:00 PM
And if you think the GL1 is sharper than the XL1, you should see the GL2...

Just got one (GL2), starting to play with it. Great camera. Check out for alot of in depth info on the XL1(s), GL1/2, and a great forum covering most of the major contenders in the top end of the prosumer DV space. There's also Creative Cow forums for Canon DV cams as well.
vicmilt wrote on 10/12/2002, 12:26 AM
JSL announced a still unreleased HiDef Prosumer video camera to be priced in the $2,500 to $3,500 range this week.
David_Kuznicki wrote on 10/12/2002, 4:55 AM
JSL announced a still unreleased HiDef Prosumer video camera to be priced in the $2,500 to $3,500 range this week.

Yeah... I have to admit, I'm drooling over the limited specs that I've seen!
Seriously though, I DO have to say that the XL1 & GL1 (I haven't gotten my hands on a GL2 yet) are very comparable... it depends, I suppose, on whether or not you're actually going to switch off the lenses (which is significant cost hurdle, so I'm betting that many people just stay with the stock lens), and the XL1s does have XLR inputs. That being said, there are plenty of XLR adapters out there for the GL1... and I'm not sure that it justifies the extra $1,500 or so...

For my $2,500... go with the GL1 (or GL2, I'd imagine).
For my $4,500-ish... I'd skip the XL1 altogether and look into either the JVC DV500, or the Sony 250's. Lovely cameras, especially for the price.

Of course, that's not including either the 24p Panasonic or the aforementioned prosumer HD camera...

Randy Brown wrote on 10/12/2002, 8:44 AM
Actually David, the XL1s doesn't come with XLR inputs ( I wish it did). If you want XLRs you'd have to buy the optional MA-200 Microphone Adaptor/Shoulder Pad.