Canon XM1 Frame mode and VV3

vectorskink wrote on 6/24/2002, 9:27 PM
Hi there!!

I am capturing frame mode footage from my Canon XM1 using VV thru the firewire port built into my Abit AT7 mobo (TI OHCI compliant). I noticed the footage was very jerky when previewing to player or PTT. No matter what setting I had (upper first, lower first, progressive) it was still jerky.
BUT..... I did reimport the jerky footage to step thru frame by frame to see what was going on, and I found that the frames were going 2 steps forward, 1 step back?? So, I recaptured the footage disabling scene detection and still had the problem until I set the field order to upper first?????????? WEIRD!!!!!!!!!
any suggestions???

Thanks guys



Cheesehole wrote on 6/26/2002, 12:47 AM
afraid I can't really help except to say that I capture lots of stuff from my GL-1 in frame mode and don't have the problem you describe. sometimes the footage will be labeled 'lower field first' so I have to adjust the media properties to say 'progressive'. I assume the flag for field order is not frequent enough and so Vegas can't read it if the clip is short.

just make sure your media properties match your project properties (progressive/progressive) and it should work right without jitters.
vectorskink wrote on 6/26/2002, 1:02 AM
Thanks heaps!

I'll give it a go.