RikTheRik wrote on 10/15/2002, 4:44 PM
Very cool software !!! The gui is excellent. It has a very similar look to Vegas.
Looks to me to be the most professionnal redbook software.
Hope there will be a good price for Vegas owners !
MacMoney wrote on 10/15/2002, 4:54 PM
Thanks SF

George Ware
shaunn wrote on 10/15/2002, 5:42 PM
How many days can you use this pre-released version before it expires?
SonyKSA wrote on 10/15/2002, 5:45 PM
The Beta expires on November 8, 2002.
Ben  wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:17 PM
Just spent an age on my 56k modem downloading the beta, only to be given an error when I try to open the file!

A dialog comes up, headed 'Sonic Foundry Self Extractor' and the error says 'Unable to retrieve run-time information'.

What's going on SF?

Ben  wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:19 PM
Ahhh, hold up, just saw this post

I'm assuming then that the original file was corrupt...?

Weka wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:42 PM
Will 4 & 5 be able to co-habitate?
CDM wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:44 PM
"I'm assuming then that the original file was corrupt...?"

hmmm. sounds like it. I've downloaded it 4 times with no problems. (don't ask why)
CDM wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:45 PM
yes, they can cohabitate. (though I can't imagine why you would want to keep 4.5 after this is completed)
Weka wrote on 10/15/2002, 6:48 PM
Oh - a man with faith! Wish I had it. ;-)
dcomo wrote on 10/15/2002, 8:54 PM
Unreal! We asked and asked and asked and THEY DELIVERED! I was so excited to see a new version being worked on! I downloaded it and installed it and it looks great!

Now... What's the price point for this nice STAND ALONE version??

(Opening up the wallet now...)
Erik_Nygaard wrote on 10/17/2002, 3:39 AM
"The MSRP for CD Architect is $299.95. Available direct from Sonic Foundry for $209.97 (30% off as a download). Upgrades from CD Architect 4.0 will be available for $99.95."

There was earlier mention of an upgrade from Vegas 3...?
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/20/2002, 4:07 PM
Suggestion re CDA5b download page - how about updating the 'build' number on the main page so we can see-at-a-glance if it is different to what we already have ?

bnjenter wrote on 10/20/2002, 5:18 PM
I, likewise see no mention of those of us who own Acid Pro 4, Sound Forge 6, and Vegas Video 3. After having purchased all of them, and having upgraded all of them from previous versions, AND not having been around the SF software when CD Architect 4 was a big thing, seems a bit unfair not to give users like us the opportunity to purchase at the $99.95 price. Most of us don't have endlessly deep pockets. Shouldn't this kind of loyality be considered? The products are great, and many of us don't complain like stuck pigs when new releases are buggy, but that doesn't mean we want our pockets picked. Please consider showing the same kind of support we show you when we live through the bugs without complaints. The mostly silent majority deserves that much, don't you think?
SonyDennis wrote on 10/20/2002, 11:44 PM
Suggestion re CDA5b download page - how about updating the 'build' number on the main page so we can see-at-a-glance if it is different to what we already have ?

It should. Mine shows here that the latest posted build is build 45. As of this writing, that's the first and so far only public beta posting. We're hoping to update it before the end of the month, and we'll post in the forum as well when that happens.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/20/2002, 11:51 PM

If you've registered all of those products with a valid email address, you have almost certainly seen the emails that come out shortly after a new product is available with special pricing for limited periods of time. I know we've made some pretty nice offers to our past customers.

While I personally cannot promise similar deals for CDA5 (for one thing, I'm in engineering, not sales or marketing), I can't see any reason they wouldn't be doing the same thing again.

So, my advice is to watch your in-box after the launch. I'm sure there will be chatter here or in the other forums of any deals offered.

Ted_H wrote on 10/21/2002, 1:17 PM
"... seems a bit unfair not to give users like us the opportunity to purchase at the $99.95 price."

As with all of our new releases, there will be some kind of promotional pricing. Promotional pricing has not yet been determined, and will be announced closer to the product launch. Before you ask me when launch will be, I do not know just yet and I will post that info when I have it :-)

bnjenter wrote on 10/21/2002, 2:29 PM
Thanks Dennis and Ted. A lot of us both value and appreciate our relationship with SF, and making the products available to us in an affordable fashion certainly keeps us as happy and loyal customers.

Erik_Nygaard wrote on 10/22/2002, 6:13 AM
Thanks for the info

As a Acid-4, Vegas-3, Soundforge-6 owner the eventual purchase of CDA will depend entirely on a decent offer in my case.