CD Architect Discontinued Upgrades Rip Off

Ang wrote on 12/8/2000, 1:07 PM
When I pay $300.00 for a product I expect and rely on the
company to maintain the functionality of the product
through out the companies’ life as a promise with respect
to its customers. If the product is too expensive to
update free of charge than add a reasonable price for the update
as does Cakewalk and many other software vendors. That way
the customers don’t get stuck with a product that becomes
out of date or are forced to purchase a new product on top
of their $300.00 investment.

So Sonic Foundry says they will be releasing a future
similar program before X-mas. I say who cares! If you
ceases to support one product without respect for your
customers why not do the same for any of your other
products. I find that a company that does not respect its
customers and the charges they incur for a product let
alone the time it takes to place a product in to
professional use, is a company that is not to be trusted.
The companies’ desires are more important than the needs of
the customers they serve.

Since the products that I would consider purchasing from
Sonic Foundry usually cost in the hundreds of dollars and
because they probably would be used in my system in a
position of importance and reliability, I find that I will
no longer purchase any product from this company and I
suggest you do the same. We would all save a lot of time
and money!

PS: What is with this window when closing Siren that
pressures you to buy the product when it is offered free.
I paid $300.00 for CD Architect and Sonic Foundry wants to
pump more money out of me for a product that they advertise
as being free to use! Download Widows Media Player 7 it
has fewer problems and its FREE. This is just another
example of why this company is going down the tubes.

Their business practices may very well be typical but for
my business they are a disappointment.


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