CD Architect feature question

mburgio wrote on 5/18/1999, 12:00 AM
I have been using CD Architect for quite sometime and I
have been having to
deal with the same problem forever.

The problem I am having is this:

Lets say I import 140 minutes of audio into Sound Forge.
Naturally, this
creates a .WAV file that is 140 minutes in length.

After this is done, I go into CD Architect to do the actual
track cutting
and burning. As I edit my PQ List to separate the first 74
minutes of audio
into tracks everything is good. After this is done, I
begin the writing
phase to burn in to CD. The problem occurs when I go back
into the WAV file
and begin editing the LAST 74 minutes of the .WAV file. As
track one begins
at around 75 minutes, the last track ends at about 140
minutes. THE PROBLEM
is, when I go to write THIS to CD, it reads the length of
the CD I am about
to burn by looking at the time of the last track, and
BEGINNING at the 1st
minute. So even tho I separated the tracks into 74 minutes
of audio, it
interprets the total length as the BEGINNING of the WAV
file which is
00:00:00:00 to whatever the time at the end of the last
track is. So it
thinks the total length is 140 minutes and I am unable to
burn this.

The ONLY solution I can figure out, is to go back into
soundforge and DELETE
the first 74 minutes of the WAV file.

I am confusing myself writing this so hopefully a few of
you understand what
I am talking about here.

Anyone have similar experiences?

Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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