CD burning in VV3

RevF wrote on 3/20/2002, 1:53 PM
Having had to 'junk' a 24/10/40 Plextor, as totally incompatible with VV3, I looked to replace it. After this experience and Plextor's arrogant stance of "All our drives are the same - it's your software vendor's problem not ours", I decided another Plextor model probably wasn't a safe bet.
SoFo recommended the TDK 24/10/40, but I couldn't get hold of this model as TDK are now selling the 32 speed model. (Jesus! this industry moves quick!).
So... rather than buy a newer non-tested model, I went for the Yamaha 24/10/40 which claims on its web-site to be CD Architect compatible. (The burning function in VV3).
However, although this will now do disc-at-once, it will only work at 6-speed maximum. At anything above this it complains that the media is not good enough - despite trying it with several media types including decent TDKs.
Are others finding the same limitations?
Can anyone recommend a burner that actually does what it says on the tin?


KjipRecords wrote on 3/20/2002, 3:12 PM
I have the Plextor 24/10/40 and I can burn from both Acid and Vegas. Do you have the latest drivers?

RevF wrote on 3/21/2002, 1:02 AM
CD burners don't have drivers. If you mean firm-ware - then yes.
Are you using Win98SE? - What's your setup?
Do you mean 'disc at once' with multiple tracks?

Jamz wrote on 3/21/2002, 1:44 AM
I've been using Plextor's 12/10/32A with no problems. It's a very good drive & pretty cheap these days. Around $100.00
KjipRecords wrote on 3/21/2002, 2:57 AM
Firmware - yes.

My setup:
Asus A7V133-C with XP2000+
Windows 98SE
Plextor 24/10/40
15GB system drive IDE 7200
20GB audio/video drive IDE 7200
Firewire card for DV caption
digi001 with PTLE 5.1
Creamware pulsar2
Acid Pro 3
Vegas Video 3
Sound Forge XP 5

I just did a clean install since I've been testing a lot of different software lately.

I don't know if this helps you?

SPP wrote on 3/21/2002, 9:59 AM
I just burned my first CD with VV3 and had no problems. I'm using a Creative 121032x with the native Windows XP driver.
Rahl wrote on 4/4/2002, 6:13 AM
I am having no problems burning disks with the Plextor - PleXwriter 40/12/40a, infact it's a dandy machine... Now you companies out there release 40x compatible disks.
-André Barriault
TeeCee wrote on 5/17/2002, 8:05 PM
What speed can you burn at with your Plextor? Mine will only do 12x with Vegas Video 3. Very disturbing. I'm here looking for answers. I've heard before that it's probably Plextor and it's a known issue, but other software burns at 40x fine. Adaptec and Plextor (software) have no problem.