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kbruff wrote on 8/1/2003, 2:48 PM
Whenever I burn a CD in CD Architect 5.0, the CD functions properly up until the like 8th or 5th track, it is very disturbing because I thought that this program would manage the burning process throughout and ensure readable CD's. But I guess that this product is just not so perfect. It is also provoking since I have cheap program which burns CD's perfectly. I figured having the advanced features of CD Arhcitect would be better. Please provide any useful comments or suggestions.

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Geoff_Wood wrote on 8/1/2003, 5:12 PM
Are you burnig 'on the fly' with either plugins activated, or an underpowered PC ?

Have you tried ticking the 'Render file before burning' (or whtever it is) box in the burn dialogue ?

Authoring a CD is a very different process to copying a CD or burning a TAO disc, and places different strains on different parts of the system..

kbruff wrote on 8/6/2003, 6:11 PM
Hello Geoff_wood,

Actually I am not using any pluggins that I know of. I am just trying to capture a 17 song file into a CD file. The process has been improved just by selecting the lowest burning rate, which is not prefered. I am not trying to copy a disc, I just wanna burn my wave files onto a standard CD. The program runs perfectly, until a yield a cd. The tracks will show up in the list but only 1/2f or 3/4 of the tracks are readable by the CD player. And what does TAO mean? I render a file just in case I choose make more cd's since it saves me some time.

Thanks for comments, please reply.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 8/9/2003, 8:25 PM
As all the tracks show up in the TOC, but are either physically not there or corrupted, I would guess that your CD writer has a fault, or something is sub-optimal in your Windows setup. have you disabvled 'auto-insert notification' ont he CD-R(W), and disabled unnecessary processes like AV stuff that could interupt the smooth data flow to CD-R ?

TAO is Track-At-Once, where indivdidual tracks are written one at a time until the disc is finalised (the TOC written). This mode gives a fixed 2 sec gaps between tracks. CDA5 writes Disc-At-Once, where all the tracks and TOC are written in one pass.

kbruff wrote on 8/12/2003, 1:54 PM
Thanks for the info ---

(1) No I have not disabled those annoying features in win xp --
(a) autoplay, musicmatch, windows media player, etc...

CD5 is great -- and it will yeild a functional cd if and only if I burn the CD at the lowest rate which is 4X -- now for my standard 70 min CD's this process takes like 20 minutes

in the case of low production this is acceptable however in the case of multiple CD's -- typical like 10 per day -- this is quite annoying -- perhaps I require a different CD burner. What would you suggest?

Thanks -

Geoff_Wood wrote on 8/14/2003, 2:21 AM
Could be your burner, or your Windows. Are the source tracks 16/44K1 - if not your system myabe insufficiently powerful to stream in real-time to the CD. Did you have more success by ticking the 'Render before burning' option in the burn dialogue (any SRC, dithering, and plugins are processed before the write occurs).

On a 1GHz Celeron I have no trouble burning in realtime even with SRC and bit-reduction happening. Throw in a plugin or two and I need pre-rendering.

kbruff wrote on 8/14/2003, 1:08 PM
Yes I am burning files with the traditional (16 - 44.1)(bit - Khz) signature. I have P4 2.4 GHZ - 2 GB RAM custom built system. I do not use prerendering, I just burn directly with any testing, etc. Maybe it is my burner, but it works fine for data -- it so vexing to have this intermittment problem.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 8/14/2003, 2:49 PM
OK, no shortage of horsepower. What happens if you tick the pre-render box ?

kbruff wrote on 8/14/2003, 4:47 PM
I have tried this and the problem still persists, the only rememdy seems to be that I burn the CD's at the lowest rate which has been 4x or if lucky 8x. Thanks -- kevin
PaulO wrote on 8/15/2003, 11:28 AM
You say that CD Architect gives no error messages, in which case your problem is almost certainly a fault with the burner.

Can you burn audio CDs successfully with other software and play them on the same player that you say cannot play the CD-A disc properly? Can you play the disc on the recorder that created it? If you burn the same project more than once, do the errors show up at the same point on each disc?

If a burn completes with no errors, a writing application cannot do very much to control the quality of the resultant disc - and a CD on which some tracks are readable and others not, really does look like a hardware fault.
kbruff wrote on 8/15/2003, 1:13 PM
Actually whenever I use CDA5 I get errors. However if I use Nero 5.5 I get absolutely no errors. The remedy to CDA5 errors is to burn at a very low rate such as 4x or 8x -- the issue here is just the amount of time used to generate the Audio CD. Your commentary has some combinations, all of which I have exhausted in my attempt to trace and understand the nature of the problem.

Thanks --
JADCorp wrote on 9/7/2003, 3:27 PM
Kevin, Buy a Plextor or Lite-on CD-R and get on with your life.