CD Text??!!!

Rednroll wrote on 11/25/2003, 6:38 AM
Is this feature ever going to be implemented into any of the Sony products? This is getting rediculous. I get clients coming in for mastering sessions, and ask me if I have the ability to put their song titles on the CD, so it shows on their radio display....I say, "Yes", but this is a pain in the ass for something that really should be simple. Right now, I either do all the editing and assembling in Vegas or CD Architect. Then I have to render it all to a huge .Wav file. Import that .WAV into Nero then re add the CD track ID's and add the CD text. Good grief Charlie Brown!!! Can you say "unproductive" and "time consuming"?


SHTUNOT wrote on 11/25/2003, 1:29 PM

CDM wrote on 11/25/2003, 2:33 PM
kbruff wrote on 11/25/2003, 3:25 PM
Hello to all ---

The addition of the following to CDA5 would be nice --

(1) CD TEXT --

(2) Access to the rendered file used to burn CD's (in case you wish burn another CD, but did not do so during a previous session)

(3) Ability to change color of tracks -- makes easier graphical interaction

(4) After burn is complete checks the CD for dysfuntional tracks
Often I find that after burning a CD there may be crackle or some other annoying artifact.

(5) Export the track list as a text file
Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/25/2003, 6:52 PM
Kevin - re part 4 - a verify function would be cool, but as it is an audio CD rather than CD-ROM, the best you could get is an error-total display (or an error rate display with Plex Prem).

Your problem would seem quite specific to your system.

Estuardo wrote on 12/25/2003, 1:29 PM
Nice to know I'm not the only one that would like the option to change the color of displayed wav files we could in we could lock we could easily put custom fade ins/outs ON THE SAME audio layer (to see where/how it relates to the wave file being fadded into or out of)....

It improved a lot of things over 4.5 but sure made some things worse (IMO). One can only hope I guess.

Can't understand why CD text was not incorporated in v5.
MacMoney wrote on 1/6/2004, 6:20 PM
Same here!

George Ware
ozone_333 wrote on 1/7/2004, 5:05 AM
Sony....Pleeeease add CD Text support to CD Architect 5!

I really don't want to be forced to purchase a different software package just to burn cd's with cd text.

One of my businesses is DJing, I recently purchased 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000MKII DJ CD players...($1,000.00 ea) and was thrilled to know that CD Architect was ready for me to remix my heart out and burn the mixes to cdr for playing at gigs...unfortunately..I learned, after an exhaustive search of the help file that "CD Text is not supported" in version 5...bummer :(

Since I write electronic dance music and DJ at gigs it's very important to me to have "Top Quality" software in my studio. Please, I beg of you..incorporate CD Text capability in the next upgrade of CD Architect could add those other features mentioned above as well...


Shaun wrote on 5/14/2004, 11:45 AM
So is CD Text coming or not? What's the use of typing all that crap into the CD properties and the track list if the only way to use it is to print out or save a track list?
DavidMcKnight wrote on 6/4/2004, 4:25 PM
Is cd text the same as cd-i? I assumed you could do it from Vegas since you can name the region; good to know it can be done, at least, in Nero. Would be nice to have it direct from vegas or AT LEAST in CDA.
farss wrote on 6/5/2004, 6:30 PM
CD Text is not the same as CD-i, CD-i refers to an interactive CD, CD-Text refers to being able to add additional data to a CD-Audio disk so that the player will display track titles.
I have to say that given that I got CDA for free bundled with SF7 along with NR2 and AI, I have to wonder do Sony plan to do anymore work on CDA, do they see any chance of getting more revenue from it?
I hope they do, it was and to a large extent still is the industry standard. That maybe be based on quite false assumptions but I know the replication houses treat you with a bit more respect when they know the masters were done with CDA and not Nero or whatever. Old habits die hard and we and Sony have a window of opportunity, one that I suspect is going to be let slide.


PS, maybe someone should post something about this in the video forum, at least Sony still seem to be reading posts there!
rickthestick wrote on 7/1/2004, 10:43 PM
Here it is, a utility that Colin Hill wrote that will do it.
Rednroll wrote on 8/20/2004, 4:17 PM
That's a nice utility that Colin wrote. It lessons the pain, but life could be much simpler. With Colins utility, you must render the entire file and export the cue sheet, then import them both into a CD recording software. If CD text was added to CD architect and/or Vegas, then I wouldn't have to go through the extra steps of rendering the seperate CD track files, taking up extra time and hard drive space, then the extra step of importing it into another program. After all, CD architect and Vegas are CD burning programs right? Who do I have to kick in the cahoonies for Sony to finally add CD text as a feature?
oconned wrote on 8/23/2004, 12:12 PM
We will be lucky if there is ever another update with CD Architect...
kbruff wrote on 8/23/2004, 8:47 PM
I remain optimistic -- Sony is full of surprises --
Bumpy wrote on 9/2/2004, 8:54 PM
Bump....this in important....Are you watching MR. Sony?
MacMoney wrote on 9/7/2004, 7:14 PM
Add me to that list Red and Charles

Tony Mac
Rednroll wrote on 9/8/2004, 7:04 AM
I have a navigation head unit in my vehicle and it displays the CDtext. I notice on a lot of the commercially released CD's that I buy that there isn't any CDtext info. So I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any problems in older CD players if a Disc has CDtext on it and it might not be able to play back. I have not ran into this problem, but was wondering if this could be a possibility.

It doesn't look like Sony is getting the message that users want CDtext. They just released Acid Studio 5.0 which added Disc-At-Once burning tools. Now if they where going to spend the time working on the disc at once feature, you think they would have added CDtext also. So to me that means Disc-at-Once will be added to Acid Pro 5.0 and it also wouldn't have a CDtext option.....I wouldn't consider CDtext as a "Pro" feature, to be exclusive to Acid Pro.

This kind of sh*t really pisses me off. In Vegas, they had "one guy" bugging the hell out of them to add a "Dim" button and he got it. We've had quite a few users asking for CDtext and we can't get it. Maybe we have to start bombarding them with email like the Dim button guy for them to get the message?
kbruff wrote on 9/8/2004, 10:03 AM
Well -- I agree with you....

Ans yes there are some older Pioneer designed cd players that do not acknowledge CD Text. I have JVC, and it reads CD TEXT, however for myelf I never bother with CD text.

I think that SONY is an interesting entity, because they have been known to cancel great products because they figure there is no substantial return. Thats where smaller companies like Ahead Nero can be so effective, because they listen, fix, implement and check and repeat that process.

I have sent many suggestion to Sony Sonic Foundry about various improvement, some of which should be borrowed from Vegas 5 and put into SF7.0b. For example croping and overlaying audio files as in Vegas should be in SF7. Additionally the ability to change the color or selected regions for easy identification of zones that require more adjustment, etc.

These simple improvements go a very long way, but I just feel like they actually care.

Anyway -- I continue to use Nero and Music Match to implement simple things like CD text and group removal of 2 second interval, as well as the ability to check the CD after burning.

Rednroll wrote on 9/8/2004, 2:24 PM
I know that older players won't display the CDtext because it's not a feature, but what I was wondering is do they have trouble reading and playing the CD if there is CDtext information? So if I'm understanding you correct it seems like your older players will play the CD fine, but won't display the text. Is that correct?
kbruff wrote on 9/8/2004, 3:04 PM
Yes -- older player will play the cd fine, but they will not show the CD text. However I have not heard of any cd player that would be halted by cd-text cd, so there may be special case for some cd players. But from what I read about Red Book Standards, CD text does not change the basic format.
tmrpro wrote on 10/25/2004, 8:17 AM
I want on this list, too!!!

AtomicGreymon wrote on 10/30/2004, 12:56 PM
This is definately a feature I'd like to see implemented in CD Architect 5, as well. I mean, it couldn't possibly be that hard for Sony to include this if they ever get a 5.0b out. If Nero can manage to include the feature, I'd think CD Architect could, given Sony advertises it as being a professional product.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/31/2004, 2:52 AM
"... Sony advertises it as being a professional product."

... not to mention Sony being a co-inventor of CD !!!

Rednroll wrote on 11/15/2004, 7:08 AM
This really seems like a simple feature.......although I do hear the Sony guys screaming at me in the background, "No feature addition is simple!!!"....At this point in time, it just seems like one of those fundamental features, where you would just expect it, in a professional app. It seems like a feature that a lot of users would like to see, I can't figure out why it's not in any of their software by now. Look, I started this thread almost a year ago and it's remained in the top 20 posts since then on this forum!!!! Hello!? That ought to tell them something!!!