CD text question

jackn2mpu wrote on 12/15/2007, 12:21 PM
I've been burning a few cd's and went to try them on a couple of different players and systems. On my stand-alone Sony 5 disc player I get CD text showing up just fine. But none of the commercial cd's I have show cd text on the player. Don't commercial pressings use CD text? FWIW, Apple's I Tunes doesn't show cd text; for album titles and track titles it goes out to the net to a database called Grace Notes to get that info.


MarkWWW wrote on 12/16/2007, 5:09 AM
CD-Text was Sony's invention and they pushed for it to be added to the Red Book standard for Audio CDs as an optional extra.

It never really caught on with other record companies so while CDs issued by Sony or one of their enormous number of subsidiary labels will usually carry CD-Text information, few non-Sony record companies choose to use it on their own CDs.

Similarly, it's not universally available on hardware CD Players. Most Sony players will show it, but many other manufacturers do not implement the display of CD-Text information. On software players the situation is better - most software players can display CD-Text information, either as standard or via a plugin. The only significant exception is Windows Media Player which (as far as I am aware) still doesn't support CD-Text even via a plugin.

Weka wrote on 12/19/2007, 1:44 PM
But do use it. Clients love it!