asaf wrote on 3/17/2005, 9:09 PM
Nope. Shame on you SONIC FOUNDRY for not testing your products. I have the same problem, put CD text in for artist, title and i get unknown for everything.
kryten wrote on 3/18/2005, 1:28 AM
I would have to agree to a point. I burned a CD with CDA 5.2 as a test. It burned successfully, all fields were fine. I verified that with 3 other programs. I then re-ripped the burned CD with CDA and it recognized all the titles, but left over half the artist fields blank. I'm happy that CD-TEXT is now supported, but if the burning program can't read the text it burned itself, I imagine that would be a problem for any other program that reads CD-TEXT. I'm bummed.
colinu wrote on 3/18/2005, 5:43 AM
Ah, I think the culprit in this case is WIndows Media Player y'all! First off, the only disc I have burned so far showed fine on my Pioneer car deck. Secondly the info showed up in WMP when I installed a program called CD-Text Manager.
danika wrote on 3/18/2005, 1:44 PM
>Ah, I think the culprit in this case is WIndows Media Player y'all! First off, the only disc I have burned so far showed fine on my Pioneer car deck. Secondly the info showed up in WMP when I installed a program called CD-Text Manager.

Could be, but I did try another CD with artists and titles in Windows Media Player and everything showed up just fine.
MickNY wrote on 3/19/2005, 11:54 AM
I also installed CD-Text manager and now my WMP detects the CD info.
Q: Do you know how to make iTunes recognize CD Text for CDs burned with CDA?
farss wrote on 3/19/2005, 4:57 PM
Perhaps the problem is that WMP pulls the data from an external web based database? If your CD isn't in there then it'll not find it?
Anyone tried it with WinAmp or other CD playing software?
billybk wrote on 3/20/2005, 5:15 AM
Hey, before we hang Sony from the nearest tree, let's be sure it is not working correctly.FWIW, I can't get any commercial CD to show "CD Text" in version 8 of the WMP or most any media player, for that matter. I alway's get "Unknown" for song and artist. My car and and boom box CD players don't have CD Text capability (they are all more than five years old), so I could not check it that way. I did download the "CD Text Manager", as other's have noted, and now the "CD Text" does show up, in WMP 8 and in the "CD Text Player", that you can also download, for free. Anyway, it is a quick way to check, if a CD actually has "CD Text" info, on the CD itself.

I kinda surprised by the lack, of "CD Text" support, on many commercial CD's. I would think that these day's all commercial CD's would have it, as part of the CD package. After I installed, the CD Text Manager, I checked various CD's I had laying around (released in the last couple of years) and only one in five had CD Text info on the actual CD :-(

Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean - NO CD Text info
POD - Satelite - NO CD Text info
RHCP - By the Way - NO CD Text info
Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers - NO CD Text info
Shakira - Laundry Service - DOES have CD Text info
colinu wrote on 3/20/2005, 2:34 PM
To the best of my knowledge Sony is the only major that actually adds CD-Text to it's releases, and even then it is spotty.

Call me "paranoid", but I think that the real reason Windows Media Player dosn't natively support CD-Text is so that they can link in with CDDB. And maybe somewhere this "data mining" is passing on what you are playing.
billybk wrote on 3/20/2005, 3:44 PM

Ha, great insight there colinu! I just checked the (5) CD's that I listed, in my previous post and the one CD, (Shakira-Laundry Service) that has CD Text, is a SONYMUSIC release. So kudo's to Sony for at least trying to put CD Text, on their CD's. For as much, as commercial CD's cost you would think the rest of the music industry would include CD text, as well.

You are probably right.
musiclab wrote on 3/22/2005, 9:46 AM
I have got the same result. Are you sure the implementation is satisfactorly ? Can Sony tell us how to verify that this feature works ?
Geoff_Wood wrote on 3/23/2005, 3:46 AM
Hey everybody - what Win Media Player displays is NOT CD-TEXT. It is data from the online CD DataBase

Cudgel wrote on 3/24/2005, 7:31 PM
When I go to burn, it says no data entered for artist and title. Where do you enter this?? I entered it in the track list. Am I missing something. I am a newbie and just got CDA 5.2. TIA, Cudgel
billybk wrote on 3/25/2005, 3:12 AM
You enter the song/artist data to the Project Properties, under the File menu and save.
Rednroll wrote on 3/25/2005, 10:05 PM
I have burned discs in CDA 5.2. I have a Navigation radio in my vehicle which supports "CDtext" and the text is displayed in all it's glory from discs burned from CDA 5.2. Make sure you're doing everything correct in CD Architect by adding the text in the correct fields, and enabling the check box in the burn window. If your CD burner is not recognized as supporting CDtext, then goto the OPTIONS>PREFERENCES>GENERAL and make sure "overwright CD text autodetection results" is enabled. If Windows media player is not recognizing CDtext, that's because the Windows media player you're running does not support CD text, it's not CDA.

If you go to the FILES>PROPERTIES Summary Tab, you will see 2 fields which say "(CD TEXT). This will be written into the "Disc" field of a CDtext supported player and remains there for the entire CD. If you right click on a track ID and select "Properties" again, there you will see two fields labeled (CDtext). This information get's written to the track fields, and changes from track to track on your player that supports CDtext.