Kennymusicman wrote on 8/11/2007, 11:15 AM
It had better be able to handle ISRC codes now!
drbam wrote on 8/31/2007, 8:44 AM
Does anyone know if this is writing CD text and ISRC codes correctly?
Kennymusicman wrote on 9/1/2007, 5:06 PM
I should get a chance tomoz to try it out - it's been so depressing (and utterly unbelievable) not being able to use CDA to burn the ISRC codes. It likes changing bar codes too :(

Will see what v5.2c has to offer on these fronts.

drbam wrote on 9/1/2007, 9:04 PM
Thanks Ken. Please let us know what you discover. I've got a important mastering job coming up and if CDA can't handle these needs, then I need to find something that will. Thanks!

Kennymusicman wrote on 9/2/2007, 12:48 PM
Well I'm not that happy at the moment. Tried burning a project, already compiled and saved with ISRC and barcodes & cd-text etc - ie fully filled out in terms of data and info.
Ticked the boxes for cd text, buffer underrun - but deselected "prerender image "(or sim - from memory). After about 20 secs, get error due to buffer underrun. Slightly disappointing with SATA2 HHD and SATA CDburnder. Oh well, no biggy. Eject CD, and insert new blank (I hate making ocasters). CD Device no longer shows up in any Sony software, windows still happy with it though. System restart time... Not used to this with Vista - it's been really good for me. Anyway. Restart system, get prompted new ATA hardware installed. My CD drive has disappeared into nowehere-to-be-seen land. - Computer manager reports it now as an unknown and unreadable device. So now I got to fight the system to get it back.

Will let you now shortly when I've got my system back to normal, whether or not CDA is worth it for us yet...

Kennymusicman wrote on 9/2/2007, 1:21 PM
Drumroll... And the answer is..........

No. It does not work with the ISRC codes - it still renders them as 00's. It's unbelievable that CD Architect has such a fundamental problem such as this. I would have thought this would have been corrected with an urgent new build release...

Guess I'll be sticking to Nero for making my master discs. At least that can handle CD Text, Barcodes and ISRC codes correctly (and it's quicker at making the CD's). Shame, I like CDA...

If anyone does get it to work - let us know...
drbam wrote on 9/2/2007, 2:09 PM
Thanks Ken. Bummer though. This software has been around for years and its still not up to basic demands. What version of Nero do you use?

Kennymusicman wrote on 9/2/2007, 3:06 PM
Nero 7. Build from a couple of months ago - (about 7.10.x.x)

It's quite friendly for inputting text in for CD text, and handles barcodes better than CDA in case you have a 12?digit code as opposed to 13? (not got my codes at hand to refer to).

So as it stands I still have to use Nero to produce my master for the duplication house, as CDA is unable to handle ISRC codes.

Oddly enough. Vegas handles ISRC codes fine, just can't do CD Text...

One day it'll all work well....(sigh)


drbam wrote on 9/3/2007, 7:32 AM
Thanks Ken. I hate having to shell out $80 in order to make up for a defect in this program but it wouldn't be the first time I've had to pay money for some sort of a "workaround."

Question: have you turned in formal bug report to support on this? I ask because unlike Vegas, SF & Acid, its pretty obvious that CDA is all but ignored on this forum by the support staff and I doubt that our posts here are seen by anyone that matters.

Thanks again.

Kennymusicman wrote on 9/3/2007, 1:54 PM
It is annoying having to use something other than CDA - especially when you think that ISRC codes are such a crucial part of the master disc.

I have submitted this a while ago to the necessary channels, and also sent an update just now to someone who can send it to the necessary people.

Had a look through the forum - I can see what you mean about seeming lack of forum support.

I was so disappointed when I burned my first disc from CDA5.2b that the ISRC's weren't written. I went through several discs thinking I was doing something wrong. I only resorted to Nero in the end as a last resort - and that worked first time (I naturally did not tell my client which software their master was made on in the end..)

It did get quite "fun" getting Vegas to work like CDA - it can look like it very well, and even handle ISRC codes just fine.. It just does not like writing CD text. I did begin to wonder what the future held in store for CDA - would it be absorbed into Vegas and SForge - but they released the update for Vista compatability (although I had no troubles running prior versions in either 32 or 64 bit vista)

So at the end - all you need until CDA comes of 'age' is Nero - nothing fancy, just import the audio files, and add your info as desired. Then once burned, whack it into something like SF to use the gracenote facilities and life is good once more.


drmathprog wrote on 9/5/2007, 3:59 AM
Unhappily, I see nothing here or elsewhere at Sony Media that convinces me CDA remains an active product. It's time to move on.
Kennymusicman wrote on 9/5/2007, 11:33 AM
There is some good news - apparently it does support the codes - but there is issues with some drives - I gave them the model of my burner and they're going to look into it - so at least that does not sound like a dead product - another thing is they don't have anything else that does what CDA does except (arguably) Vegas - so I think it's going to live on for a while yet.

Will let you know anything else if it comes up - would be good if someone else could have a go at burning - see if they get success.
Mallard wrote on 2/18/2008, 3:51 AM
I'm gonna try updating to 5.2c this weekend and see what happens. How do you tell if the ISRC codes are working? Do you just use Read Subcodes under the Disc menu?
Mallard wrote on 3/3/2008, 1:06 AM
If you install (and register) CD-A and then uninstall it (I tried going back to 5.2a to see if it was better for my system) and reinstall it on the same computer (back to 5.2b from the disc) it won't let you run it until you register it again. Is it safe to register it again as long as you use the same exact information that you used the first time you registered it?
Kennymusicman wrote on 3/3/2008, 3:19 AM
Yes - it;s quite safe to re-register
Mallard wrote on 3/3/2008, 4:34 PM
Thanks. I figured that it was so I did it today. Now I'm gonna make my way back to 5.2d again.