Chienworks wrote on 11/10/2002, 10:06 AM
The same thing happened with ACID 4. Hold on, it's coming.
SonyDennis wrote on 11/10/2002, 10:05 PM
Look for it on the web site this week or next.
dcomo wrote on 11/11/2002, 10:33 PM
I received the same catalog and was amazed when I saw CDA 5.0 on the cover. Also, Rimas had some really nice things to say about the program and the users that _demanded_ it over and over again.

Well, it seems like the old petition worked once again! We ask and ask and ask and ask, and finally, we have gotten our way!

Thanks Sonic Foundry for listening to our bantering for so long!!
SonyDennis wrote on 11/12/2002, 12:07 AM
I can't take credit for the decision to bring CDA back, but I am happy to have worked on it.

There was plenty of cheering inside the company as well when they decided to bring back CD Architect. Try as we did to put parts of CDA into Vegas, we eventually realized it could never be the specialized tool that CDA users knew and loved.

It's been a real pleasure to bring CDA5 to fruition. Our primary mission was to bring CD Architect into the present level of technology and features without destroying any of the magic that was CDA 4. We know it's not perfect, but we're very proud of CDA 5 and are looking forward to sending it out into the world.

The release build 93 contains some improvements from the last beta build 73; be sure to check them out when it's available. For example, pause time editing on the Timeline and in the Track List, a dockable Plug-ins window, and the ability to set the default Master FX. All of these are due to beta feedback.

barleycorn wrote on 11/13/2002, 2:55 PM
> Rimas had some really nice things to say about the program...Thanks Sonic Foundry for listening to our bantering for so long

That's all right then. It doesn't matter that CDA was axed at precisely the time when CD mastering was making its way into even the smallest studios and sales might finally have taken off...

I've frankly been astonished by some of the decisions over the past few years (Sound Forge being allowed to fossilize at version 4 was the first sign) and I suspect I'd hate this man if I were a software engineer. If only Sonic Foundry were a private company!