CDA5 - one BIG thing missing

Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/16/2002, 6:00 PM
CD-TEXT . How could a professional CD authoring tool not have this ? From what I have heard on the web :

"The response on this that I got this morning from Dennis Adams of Sonic Foundry said, "CD-TEXT is not supported in the version, but we're considering it for a future version."

.... someone at SF does not fully appreciate just what a self-inflicted wound it would be to not place a FAR HIGHER IMPORTANCE on the inclusion of CD-TEXT at the outset.



SHTUNOT wrote on 10/16/2002, 9:39 PM
Sofo has a way of "missing the mark" by just a little...custom crossfades+cd-text would "well round" the release IMHO. I'm still getting it nomatter what. Plus the web "buzz" on the return of CDA has blown me away. I never realized how "missed" it was. Now if we can get them back on track with "Vegas Audio 4" then we'll be in business.[ie:include ALL the audio enhancements to acid 4 plus additional "wishlist" ideas stated recently] Later.---[this is where I wanted to put it ;)]
ramallo wrote on 10/17/2002, 3:44 AM

I agree, CD Text is a very important request.

doctorfish wrote on 10/17/2002, 6:03 PM
I too was quite surprised that CD text was not to be a part
of this release. With text and custom fades, I'm not sure
what else the program would need.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/17/2002, 10:28 PM
We would have liked to have CD-TEXT for this release just as badly as you would like for it to be there. I think you can see by the feature list, we had a lot of things to work on, and that one didn't make the cut. Although I'm sure you would each pick a feature that you'd have gladly traded for CD-TEXT, you would probably all pick different features, and still, somebody wouldn't be happy. I'm quite sure that CD-TEXT is right near the top of the list when it comes to things to add for a future version.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/18/2002, 5:25 AM
I hope by 'future version' you mean as in 5.0a or b, rather than CDA6 or 7 !

You already have the 'Track Name' feild in the Track List to source the data from, so that's a start ... ;-)

jerbecca wrote on 10/21/2002, 1:20 PM
I'm really dissapointed that there will be no CDText feature added to this version. Can we at least still use Colin Hill's utility ( with CDA5 output? Has anyone had success with this?

Also, would love to be able to burn to multiple drive simultaneously. But, most of all, I'd love CD text. I have Vegas and, right now, see the only feature worth upgrading to CDA5 the ability to import Sound Forge regions, something I think Vegas should have been able to do all along. (Hopefully this will be added as a feature to Vegas soon anyway.)

Anyway, back to my original question, does anyone know if Collin's utility will work with CDA5? Thanks.


P.S. I hope no one takes my comments wrong, I'm VERY excited to see a new version of CDA coming out. (Thanks SOFO!) I've desired this for a long time. I just thought (and hoped) it would have included CD Text, etc.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/21/2002, 1:53 PM
I suspect with the SRC and high-quality dithering going on, multi-burning would be unreliable. I use Padus DiscJuggler which is a dedicated multi-burning pro applivcatin. I would love CDA to be able to write disc images suitable for use there....
SonyDennis wrote on 10/21/2002, 6:24 PM
Unfortunately, if Colin Hill's utility is reading .cdp project files, which I think it is, the format of those has changed drastically for CDA5. I'm actually surprised he didn't choose to read CDA4 Image files (which are fully 2-way compatible between CDA4 and CDA5), since it would have required far less work on his part.

Although multiple drive buring is not an officially supported feature, testers have reported succees burning to two drives at the same time from two instances of CDA5. If you turn on "Render temporary image before burning", you'll free up more CPU.

colinhill wrote on 10/22/2002, 9:30 AM
Actually, premaster did work with the .WAV images, and I guess I can repost it as I have no desire to reverse engineer the new project files (with no changes, a CDA4 project seems to blow up 4x when saved in CDA5). I just thought that even what I started the utilities in the days of my now ultra slow 12x SCSI recorder, having CDA generate the image was a task that was too time consuming for someone as impatient as me. Also, an advantage of the .CDP file over the .WAV file, is that although the WAV file has the names of the PQ list items, it does not contain the Title and Artist, so with premaster, the user always had to enter them before recording, whereas they are stored in the .CDP file.

Colin Hill
SonyDennis wrote on 10/22/2002, 2:52 PM
Nice to meet you, Colin. Nice work you've done.

Reading the CDA5 project file would be more work than it's worth -- you would need to resample source audio, apply DirectX FX, and mix two tracks <g>.

If Title and Artist are not in the CDA5 image files (I'll check) they could certainly be added as "info" chunks.

Question for you: do your CD-TEXT writing programs only support MMC drives?

colinhill wrote on 10/22/2002, 5:18 PM
Answer from me: yes, my programs only work with MMC drives (being an independant developer, the only documentation I have is SCSI-3 MMC drafts). Anyway, it seems unlikely that any drive capable of writing CD-TEXT would be so old as to not be MMC compliant.

Colin Hill
jerbecca wrote on 10/23/2002, 1:47 PM
Colin and Dennis,

Thanks for responding. So you're saying that PreMaster would work but not CDPBurn?

Hey, I've got a great idea! How about Sofo and Colin get together and make the CDText thing a reality for CDA5! :-) (Well, I can dream can't I?)

At least if Colin's utility would work for now, I'd be SOOOOOOO extremely happy. :-)

oconned wrote on 10/24/2002, 12:46 PM
I will wait for CD-Text to be in the Product before I will buy it.
cyberMIX wrote on 10/26/2002, 11:14 AM

Can you explain how I burn to multiple drives.
colinhill wrote on 10/26/2002, 12:29 PM
You can't burn to multiple drives with any of my software (I assume you mean at the same time). But, I've been considering updating Premaster to support burning to multiple drives simultaneously and do multiple copies (along with some other updates from CDPBurn)

Colin Hill
jerbecca wrote on 10/28/2002, 11:19 AM
Colin, that would be wonderful. Let us know if you do. Thanks for all your effort. It saved me back in CDA4 days.