CDPBurn 1.12 Available

colinhill wrote on 9/8/2001, 9:40 AM
Hey all,

CDPBurn 1.12 is available. Added in this version is the option to leave the disc open for more sessions. Also, the status dialog now shows up in the task bar. Big thanks to Brent for suggesting multisession support. As usual, it's downloadable from in the CD Burning Utilities Section.

Colin Hill


BrentA wrote on 9/12/2001, 11:36 PM
Thanks for adding that feature so quickly Colin. In case people aren't familiar with why I made the request, by leaving the disk open, you can write another data session with a program like EZ CD Creator and create a "CD Extra"-type disc which has audio content playable on any CD player and a data section that can be accessed from a computer CD reader.

Great for instance if you want to put a live show to CDR and add some .JPG shots you took at the show to a data session.

Thanks again Colin. I tried it and it works great.

Regards, Brent
jerbecca wrote on 9/24/2001, 9:21 PM
Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to you, Colin, for your effort! I had wanted to buy CD Architect but, since it was dropped from Sonic Foundry's production line, I did not want to get it without knowing if CD Text functionality would soon be included and without knowing if it would work with my CD burner. It looks like my problems have been solved, thanks to your program! I'll be trying it out as soon as CD Architect arrives. (I just ordered it.)

Thanks again!

TheMiracle wrote on 9/25/2001, 8:37 PM
Colin, Can You Tell Me If There Are Any Difference Between The CDA Burning Option, ANd Burning In Your Appication (im talkin bout Quality more than The Obvious Add Ons You´ve made, and if you can, in the next release, you can add a more powerfull, colorfull and better looking for you apps, well thats it,
colinhill wrote on 9/26/2001, 8:49 AM
Quality wise, my belief is that CDPBurn should be as good or better for volume adjustments and envelopes. I use double prescision floating point math for everything. Don't get me wrong, my main motivation for creating the premaster series of apps (CDPBurn included) was solely to write CD-TEXT. If you don't want CD-TEXT and your drive works under CDPBurn, it should work under CDA in MMC mode. As far as nicer interfaces go, you know, you're really pushy for someone who gets something for free. Features yeah well, perhaps if I was unemployed I would be able to put more time into it.

Colin Hill
TheMiracle wrote on 9/26/2001, 11:47 AM
I Didnt Mean To Hurt Your Feelings, It Was Just A Thoght, And They Were All Mine, And If The Quality Is Equal Or Better, Your App Rocks For Me, Thanks Colin