Changing check box mark color

nut4squirrel wrote on 5/20/2020, 8:42 PM

I recently upgraded from Vegas Pro14 to 16 on a new system. The icons and boxes seen a little smaller on 16 vs. 14 and my screen is already rather small and high rez, making things harder to see. I'm also getting older.

When I select the Fx window each effects tab has a check box to toggle it on and off. The box is so small and the check mark is a and even tinyer check mark in a washed out greeny aqua.

My question is, can I change the color of the check mark from this light color to black so it is easier to whether an effect is turned on of off?

Thank you,




rraud wrote on 5/21/2020, 4:48 PM

I am not aware of a setting the change the check-mark color, aside from changing the overall dark / light UI (Options> Preferences> Display) For me, the lightest UI is easier to see.
There is also DPI scaling option in the same (Options> Preferences> Display) which makes some items larger,