Chapter Points using DVDs, Blu-ray and .ISO Files. To Create

mark-ursuy wrote on 2/11/2020, 1:37 PM

I know DVD Architect can create DVDs, Blu-rays and .ISO files. Is there a way to create a chapter point in a mpeg 2 or a file type that works on the new TV Media Players using DVD Architect. I have looked for a couple years and nothing to be found. Making DVDs & Blu-rays and ISO files are fine, As you know DVDs & Blu-rays could be gone in a few years. We know that the new TVs media players play the standard media files, but not .ISO file. If they did, the problem would be solved.

Anybody that can create application that convert .ISO file to a file that can play on TV Media Players that would play Chapter Points (Scene Selections)

Any help would be great


Mark Ursuy