character recognition and subtitles

JH26 wrote on 1/30/2023, 3:31 AM

I've used Vegas Pro's built-in voice recognition tool for some time to get subtitles, but I find it's not very practical. Or maybe it's me who's using it wrong.

Let me explain.

The text is correctly recognized, no worries about that.

On the other hand then in the preview, I only have part of the text and then when I click on generate, there is only part of the text of my audio track which appears (example: 10 seconds on a video of 45s)

Another issue is going to be getting the text to fit the video.

For example, when it's a vertical video, I haven't found a solution, so that the text automatically adapts to this format as we can have on other software.

For the moment I modify the maximum length in character and I click on generate to see the result. Then I repeat the same thing several times until I have what suits me. But there is still a problem, sometimes some words are too big and don't fit in the allocated space. Another problem I have is that I couldn't figure out how to choose the letter size and location of the subtitles. I have to generate the subtitles first and then click one by one on all the subtitles to choose the size of the letters and the placement.

Also, there is no possibility to see the effects of the different presets (subtitles, customs, etc.) before generating

Am I using this feature incorrectly?
How should I do?

Thanks in advance.


planetdelirium wrote on 1/30/2023, 9:12 AM

You can create a "text" preset by creating a new Text Media element and then modifying it to how you want (font, size, location, etc.), then name it and save that preset. When the Speech to Text is done, choose the preset from the list, then generate. You'll still have to decide maximum characters on a line, but you'll have the style you are going for.