Choose Audio device?

jtuffen wrote on 11/18/2003, 6:46 AM
Ok,. I have two sound-devices in my machine (on board stereo + Echo Gina, 4-stereo pairs). What I had been doing was using the on board stereo as the default sound device (so that annoying beeps etc. don't come out of my 'decent' soundcard) and choosing the Echo card for my audio apps (SoundForge, Acid, Logic etc.).

Now we come to Movie Studio... where can I set the audio device in this program?? From what I can make out, it uses the microsft sound-mapper (or something) to decide where the sound goes. Is it possible to set it to use a different device?



discdude wrote on 11/19/2003, 6:43 AM
Unfortunately, Movie Studio doesn't let you select the audio device. It is setup by default to use the primary sound device (in other words, your onboard sound).

To use the Echo Gina, you have to set it as the primary sound device in the "Sound and Multimedia" control panel. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Just set your Echo Gina as the "preferred" record device and your onboard sound as the preferred playback device. Then you can record with the Echo and playback with the onboard sound.