Cinepak AVI Export Problem

Bat wrote on 8/18/1999, 1:29 PM
I really do like that the nice folks at S.F. do participate
on this forum.

Anyways, I've yet to hear a response from this in technical
terms so I thought I would make it more 'official' by maybe
posting it here.

On a PowerMac 8100/80 (! SLOW) with Premiere 4.2, I load a
27MB Cinepak movie with no audio, import some 8k, 16 bit
audio and export the whole thing out in the same format as
a new movie. (Cinepak with med compression which is 50%).

The Mac churned it out in about 60 seconds (It was about 30
seconds of animation).

Ok... Vegas... PIII @ 450 Mhz... 45 to 60 MINUTES!

I gave up waiting after 10 minutes.

Soooo... again... cinepak codec - - is it yours?

Also, default export video options always are set to no
compression... I think you should set them to what ever the
last movie was to be imported was as quite simply put,
someone saved it that way for a reason and 99.999% of the
time, they want it back that way... Seems to make more
sense to default to current format and let the user change
OUT of it, then having to change INTO it all the time.

More of my 2 cents..



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