Cinescore & Audio @ 41000 Hz

jrazz wrote on 1/2/2011, 8:35 PM
I wanted to see if anyone can confirm this.

1. Set your Vegas 10 project settings to 41000 Hz for the audio.
2. Right click the audio track and Generate Music.
3. Render out to AC-3 Pro.
4. Play the file (VLC or something similar).

How does it sound?

Mine sounds garbled. I changed the project propterties to 48,000 Hz and performed the same steps as above and it came out sounding great.

What tipped me off that it was the frequency causing the issue is that I was trying to mux two files together using tsMuxeR and when I tried to drag a wav file over (as my ac-3 files sounded horrible) it said that my frequency was not supported and I needed a 48,000 Hz file. I changed my project settings, made another cinescore file via the plugin and all was well. I wonder where the breakdown is?

j razz