Cinescore Studio is just a teaser

ducnbyu wrote on 9/12/2008, 11:18 AM
FYI to anyone who has viewed the Cinescore training videos and is looking forward to Cinescore Studio. Key features of what I saw in the training videos that you don't get in *Studio*:

1) choice of multiple compositions within a theme
2) hints to adjust intensity (this is the big one)

As delivered in VMS9 Cinescore *Studio* might get you through one short video. If you are a home videographer then you have basically one audience. How long will it take to tire your audience of the music? In a 30 minute video, I say before its over. Shorter video's then I would say about the beginning of the second one.

I'm no music expert, but what my ears hear is that a Theme is basically the same tune no matter which variations you choose. And *Studio* gives very little option to do anything else with it.

I can't imagine any video of length getting by on that. You get 2 Themes which, IIRC, are themselves the same tune. (I'm not at my VMS computer so I can reverify that right now.)

It would seem goofy to me to have a 30 minute video with all the clips playing the same tune, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes this, sometimes that.

I wouldn't even bother to buy additional themes for Cinescore Studio missing the key features mentioned above. There's no way the default for a theme could hit your impact points (without intensity hints).

So basically I find it useless other than to make me wish I had the money for the real Cinescore which from what I saw in the training videos is great for non-musical people like myself. Alas, to get that with a useful set of themes would be more than I paid for VMS and my HD camera.

Am I wrong? Is anyone getting anything useful out of Cinescore Studio without additional themes or even with additional themes?

I read a post where some one had real Cinescore. Does it integrate as a plug in to VMS9 as well *Studio* integrates? So that you don't have to render/import your video to Cinescore in order to score it?


mike_in_ky wrote on 9/12/2008, 5:49 PM
Recently, I upgraded to 9.0 Platinum Pro Pack. Altogether, I now have 12 themes each having about 29 variations. However, so far I've only used the Cinescore plugin on one 5-minute video and in it I used 5 different variations of one theme. I think it came out pretty good.

The standalone Cinescore with all the power is priced accordingly. I would like the bells and whistles, too, but can't at this time justify the extra cost. There are some things you can do with the plugin's output. If you want to change the order of sections within a scored section of you video, you can chop it and then cut and pastethe clips in another order.

Sony is in business to make money like most other companies. I think it's great they gave us the plugin. In my opinion, VMS is still the leader of the pack!

aafuss wrote on 9/20/2008, 12:59 AM
Me too-the standard version comes with 7 Cinescore themes-which to me sound very nice.

I am quite happy with the 7 provided in my edition -don't want to add more at the moment but at least you can easily purchase further themes.

I think Cinescore Studio is a very fun addition to VMS and Sony is sure to improve it for version 10 (in mid 2009 prerhaps)