MixNut wrote on 4/15/2002, 11:02 AM
OK...Just upgraded from v1.0b to v3. Everything appeared *wonderful* until I began a recording session [of course]. Here's what's happening:

1) When recording and monitoring through CueMix Console on my MOTU 1224, I hear random clicks and pops in my playback output from the 8 channel bank. I do NOT, however, hear such clicks when I monitor through MAIN OUT???!!! I have adjusted MOTU and Vegas buffers ad nauseum...

2) If I record a track or tracks, tell Vegas to delete the tracks, and then try and record again without FIRST disarming and re-arming the tracks, Vegas locks up.

3) Vegas appears to be placing newly recorded tracks 1-2 frames *early* on the EDL in comparison to the reference playback tracks. I *am* still using the "Vegas.exe=392" patch in the MOTU432.cfg file...

Here's the system:

ATA 66/100 7200 Drives
44BX Chipset
W98 SE
MOTU PCI324/1224 Interface

Recording 44.1kHz at 24bit, clock source is PCI324 INTERNAL.

Any similar experiences? Any ideas?