Closing V12 - message appears: Vegas has stopped

Ros wrote on 3/14/2013, 4:20 PM
Started a new installation of Vegas 12 on Windows 8 a month ago.
Every time I exit Vegas, I always get this message some 30 to 40 seconds later: Vegas has stopped working. Windows is collecting information about the problem. This might take several minutes. Yet Windows doesn't seem to be collecting anything...

If I have 2 instances of Vegas running and close both instances, the message will appear twice. This is very annoying, is there a way to fix this or is something missing?
Tried reinstalling V12 but it didn't fix the problem.

Running my old installation of V12 with Win 7 on the same machine (separate physical hard drive) and never had this problem.

Running V12 build 486
i7 2600
Nvidia GTS450 with driver 314.07
Windows 8 updated


PeterDuke wrote on 3/14/2013, 8:27 PM
I sometimes get this with some software and Win 7. I just ignore it. Sorry I can't help.
Ros wrote on 3/14/2013, 9:41 PM
I did get this behavior with V10 but just rarely.
With V12 and Windows 8 it always shows up and this is on fresh install of Win 8.

Hopefully this shouldn't affect V12 stability, will see as I move on to this new build.

Thanks Peter

larry-peter wrote on 3/14/2013, 11:17 PM
I have had the same thing since V11. I believe it has something to do with memory being released after exiting Vegas. The Vegas.exe process will continue running on my machine for about the same duration as it takes for the error message to appear.
FilmingPhotoGuy wrote on 3/15/2013, 12:22 AM
There's a "fileIOSurrogate.exe *32" (not visible) in Task Manager that sometimes gets stuck after a whiteout. You need to "end process" it before Vegas can start up again.
Ros wrote on 3/23/2013, 2:05 PM
I found the cause to my problem.

I am using a Logitech 2.4 GHz wireless Touchpad T650 and I noticed that when I unplug the usb 2.4 GHz dongle and close the Logitech mouse and keyboard settings software, Vegas will close normally.
Or I can just boot without the usb dongle and Vegas will close normally.
None of this would occur under Win7.

So it seems the Logitech driver is at fault. I also have a Logitech Bluetooth wireless Touchpad T651 for mac which does not work under Win7 but works under Win8 and doesn't cause any problems when shutting down Vegas.

I might just use the Touchpad T651 for mac for now. I did submit a ticket over at Logitech.

Thanks for helping out.
PeterDuke wrote on 3/24/2013, 5:38 AM
I don't own anything by Logitech, so that is not the cause in my case.
Ryadia wrote on 3/30/2013, 8:07 PM
This is a Windows message. I get it quite often. I believe it is caused when Windows is downloading an update for later installation and the part of RAM used to process applications is not able to function the way it is supposed to.

After you get the next Windows update message you probably won't have another instance until Microsoft decide to tamper with your PC again. The answer is NOT to disable updates. Most are critical and needed. What for I can't say but without them you run the risk of dynamic disaster.

You can set your updates to a different setting than the default install. I.E. only notify you when updates are available, not install them. This works for me.

Windows 8 has totally replaced my OS twice in it's short life of 5 weeks. I suspect there are some serious flaws in this version but until one does me some harm, I won't change it anytime soon. I won't ever upgrade Windows either. Hard drives are cheap, do I clean install and minimise the likelihood of this problem occurring.

Incidentally... This problem is not limited to Vegas. I get it from several of my graphics programs from time to time. Then I see a little message "Windows will update in 2 days" and the issue goes away - until I see the next similar message.

Install Classic Shell - free from source forge and you can get your win 8 PC to work the way you want it to. Mine is running like a mix of win xp and vista.