Color Grading Bugs - 421

john-rappl wrote on 2/23/2020, 8:42 AM

It doesn't look like Color Grading was ready for this new release!!!

1: Add color grading to any project, save the project. Reopen - VP17 opens the project but marks the file as being modified (* after file name in VP17 title bar). If you check the undo history it has all the items from the color grade available for undo. For example I modified the lift and gain. The undo history after reopening the saved veg file is "Undo Gain" and then "Undo Lift". These changes had been committed to the saved VEG file and should not mark the file modified after reopen!

2: Auto Adjust White Balance is not even close! Selecting Auto Adjust White balance in Color Grading adds a lot of contrast and I don't know what else but it's wrong. If the current frame/cropping has a lot of white in it the results are even worse creating too much black/dark colors.

3: Randomly the Color Grading controls are not responsive (frozen). Clicking any of the tabs (Input LUT, Color Wheels, Color Channels, Input/Output, or any controls in the window itself does nothing. VP17 is not hung, you can still use the menus, play the timeline, make mods, etc. but everything in the Color Grading Window is frozen. This sometimes happens on open of a project and sometimes during an edit session. Sometimes if I change the crop of an event it will come to life, sometimes not and I have to save and reopen the project and hope.

4: Sometimes separately and randomly, the White Balance Auto Adjust button is disabled (greyed) and pushing it does nothing. Actually might be an improvement over when it actually does do something!



fr0sty wrote on 2/23/2020, 10:16 AM

Regarding 3, are you sure you still have the event you are grading selected on the timeline? Grading only works at the event level, and you must have the event you are currently grading selected for it to work.

john-rappl wrote on 2/23/2020, 10:38 AM

I will double check on the selection but on my test project I only have a single event on the timeline and I click on the event to work on it...

RogerS wrote on 2/23/2020, 10:10 PM

I've been doing a lot of testing of color grading in Vegas over the past two days. It's working as expected for me- if grading is grayed-out you don't have an event selected, even if the cursor is over a clip. That's confused me a few times.

That said, auto white balance in the grading panel is making major contrast changes so I don't use it, and the white balance Fx plug-in has amount of correction stuck at zero, which is sending me to Colorfast just to do a quick white balance.

#1 I don't really understand, maybe contact Vegas support with screenshots for that.

john-rappl wrote on 2/24/2020, 8:15 AM

#1 is straight forward and really does not require a screen shot. Add color grading to any event in a project and save the veg file. When that project is reopened (same session or a new session) before I do any editing (or anything in VP) the file is marked modified (* next to filename in the title bar) and the undo list includes items from the color grading (lift and gain for example). This cause the "Save File" question if you just open then then close or shut down Vegas. I admit that is not a big deal but does not instill confidence in the release.