Coming Soon: Samsung announces 16TB SSD

astar wrote on 8/13/2015, 2:41 PM
Google for news articles:

Samsung announces 16TB SSD
•The 48 layer, 256Gbit (32GB), vertical NAND flash chip.
•The world's largest - almost 16TB - drive.
•The world's fastest - 1,000,000 IOPS - drive.
•A 2U box with over 700TB of capacity - roughly 15PB in a single rack.


John_Cline wrote on 8/13/2015, 3:11 PM
Bring it on, I can never have enough storage! However, this drive is reportedly going to cost $7,000 when it is released, I'll wait for the price to drop a bit.
astar wrote on 8/13/2015, 3:23 PM
True that on the price, but it does offer a glimpse into the not so distant future of cheap drives.
Chienworks wrote on 8/13/2015, 4:10 PM
Yep, that's still about 9x the price of equivalent storage on spinning drives.