JohnnyRoy wrote on 11/9/2011, 10:18 AM
> "I know that 2.0 is available but from what I have seen on the surface, I don't really see an immediate value add. I am probably missing something. Why should I upgrade to 2.0?"

The following is a list of new features for Vegas Pro Production Assistant version 2.0:

New Template Tool Features

Template Creator Tool

- Works from within Vegas Pro to assists in the creation of templates
- Insert Video, Audio, and Video+Audio slugs at the push of a button
- Ability to specify event properties for media that replaces slug to force correct properties (like alpha channel)
- Convert existing events to slugs. This makes it easy to convert existing projects to templates.
- Annotate slugs. Can be used to indicate more information about what the slug represents. Annotations are available in the template that’s produced.
- Annotate template. Keep notes about what the template represents and exposes this information during template selection in the new Template Mapper and Launch tool.

Template Mapper and Launch tool enhancements

- The Template Mapper is an Advanced tool for more complex projects (the original media list in the current launch tool will still be available for simpler projects as a “basic” mode)
- Shows exactly how many, and what types of media are needed for the template and in which order
- Shows metadata about the slugs if annotations were added during template creation
- Allows the mapping of specific media to individual media slugs
- Allows skipping slugs for media that is not available with an option to keep or delete the slug
- Ability to automatically close gaps for media that does not fill the entire slug duration (specific to each media or as a general preference)
- Ability to run a process preset after slugs have been replaced

13 New Batch Processes

Rendering as a process
- Allows the rendering of intermediate process stages (i.e., render with and without a network bug)
- Allows rendering of imbedded regions in a single media as separate files.

Set Project Properties
- Allows the changing of project properties during batch processing
- When used in conjunction with Rendering as a process, allows the rendering of media as 4:3 and then 16:9 in one process chain

Add any Video FX or chain of FX’s
- Allows the building of FX chains from any available Video FX
- Apply Video FX to media as part of a batch process

Add any Audio FX or chain of FX’s
- Allows the building of FX chains from any available Audio FX
- Apply Audio FX to media as part of a batch process

Add Video Bumpers
- Specify media that is to be added before and after each file as it is processed

Load / Save Markers
- Load a collection of Markers from a file to be used during batch processing
- Save markers to a file that are the result of batch processing

Change Video Media Properties
- Adjust the Filed Order, Pixel Aspect Ratio, and Alpha Channel for media in batch mode

Change Audio Event Properties
- Mute, Lock, Loop, Invert Phase, Normalize, & Playback rate for events in batch mode

Adjust Undersample Rate
- Changes the undersample rate for events in batch mode

Set Resample mode
- Set the resample attribute to Smart, Force, or Disable for video events (this is great for converting 25p/50i to 24p)

Trim Clip
- Allows you to automatically trim frames from the beginning or end of clips or trim clips to a fixed length.

Audio Overlay
- Allows you to use audio as an overlay just like you can with video. Watermark your audio by adding a beep at regular intervals or use an ACID Loop or other audio to repeat for the entire project.

Add Timecode
Allows you to automatically add Timecode to the media, events, tracks or the entire project.

New General Features

Automated external media card support
Monitors computer waiting for an external media card to be inserted into the computer and automatically processes the files that are on it. Supports the following card formats:

AVCHD, XDCAM EX, RED, Cannon 5D/7D, GoProHeroHD

Copies the contents of the card to the designated project folder with the option of maintaining the folder structure or not. Allows AVCHD cards to copy HD, SD, or both. Runs the automated project creation feature after files are copied just like the launcher tool (may actually be integrated into the launcher if that makes sense).

Combined with the new ability to run a process after project creation, this feature can build and render a complete project hands-free with just the insertion of a media card.

Enhancements to Lower Thirds Tool

Allow user to specify own Lower Thirds
- Allows the customization and saving of existing Lower Thirds as a new Lower Third
- Allows the specification of user build Lower Thirds to show up in the Lower Thirds tool
(i.e., User defined folder in My Documents where you can place veg files and optional png's for previews. Use one level of subfolder for grouping, add subfolder name between parents "e.g., (sports)")

Automated Text Event Generation
- Option to automatically add Text/ProType event above the Lower Third on timeline
- Allow selection of track and text template

Hopefully that helps you understand all the functionality that went into Production Assistant 2.0.


John Rofrano
VASST / Sundance Media Group