twb wrote on 6/2/2000, 11:44 AM
Not having any experience with pc based recording, I have
to ask a few questions for clarity. To set up a digital
system to be compatable with my 16 track analog will Vegas
Pro and Motu 24i be all I would need in addition to the pc?
The intent is to be able to transfer analog tracks to
digital for storage or processing when needed and record
directly into the pc. Also would Vegas or the 24i allow me
to mix through my analog board? Any suggestions or
recommendations are appreciated.



mm wrote on 6/3/2000, 12:46 PM
Hello TWB, In answer to your question, yes...I am using the MOTU2408,
a Tascam analog mixer and 2 Tascam DA-88's. You have not mentioned
what your recording decks are but, it is simple to setup. Just hook up
your mixer outputs to the analog inputs on the MOTU24i. The 24i is
hooked to your computer via the Pci324 card. On the back of the 24i
you will find the main left and right outputs. Connect these to 2
empty tracks on your mixer (these will allow you to hear what is
recorded in software). On the Pci 324 console (in software), select
the appropriate inputs/ outputs. You might want to go to
to find out just how this is done. Once there go to the support
section and follow the links to the 24i helps section. Then when that
is done go into Vegas/ options/audio routing and select the inputs and
outputs. At this point you should be ready to record and playback.
Good luck! Any more questions, just ask. MM.