Composit Question

Rv6tc wrote on 3/17/2007, 12:58 PM
Simple question that I cannot figure out.

I have a slideshow. Over a very few stills, I have put a line with text on it, with fades in and out. The stills use pan/crop to slowly zoom in or out. I want the text to go with it. I've tried making the stills a child of the text... that didn't work. I've tried making a blank, line above both the lines, and making both the stills and the text children. That works for one picture, but where two pictures overlap, I can't have them zoom iindependently of each other.

There has to be a simple solution.



Geeze, triple post.... sorry!


MH_Stevens wrote on 3/17/2007, 1:41 PM
I think you can Copy and Paste the keyframing from the stills to the t so they do the same thing. Try it.
Rv6tc wrote on 3/17/2007, 1:50 PM
Damn..... Occams Razor!

I was trying something far more complicated, but this is simple and effective.

This project, as well as my 3:45 wake-up call are destroying my brain.

Thank you.

Tattoo wrote on 3/18/2007, 11:52 AM

You can also make all the elements you want to move/zoom together the child of the same track, and then use the Parent Track Motion (just below & left of the track #) to move/zoom around. The nice part of this is that everything definitely moves in sync. The bad part is that it affects the entire track, not just the event(s), so you may have to "reset" the track to normal parameters later for other clips.

Rv6tc wrote on 3/18/2007, 7:22 PM

That was the problem I had when I tried it. If you had two photos in a row that you wanted to zoom, you couldn't "reset" the Parent and stil have a cross fade.

Matching thekeyframes worked very well, and it was simple. Too simple for me to even think about.