Congradulations!!! only found 1 small bug

Rednroll wrote on 11/16/2000, 10:10 PM
Well I've done about an hours worth of testing so far and
I have to say, on the audio side I'm really liking this
version. It seems more responsive to me. No hesitation
going into record. I have to really give you guys a
congrates thus far. I did find one small bug in the simple
delay though. You fixed the problem of not being able to
enter numerical values in the multi-tap delay, but in the
simple delay if you try to enter a different value after
the "decimal point", the values after the decimal point
will reset to their default settings. You can successfully
change the whole number value on the left side of the
decimal. I got some horrible feedback because of this. My
Delay time was 0.750 seconds and my Decay time was 2.0
seconds and "multiple delays was checked. When I tried to
increase my "delay time" to .850 seconds, the value was
reset back to 0.001, which causes an excrusiating feedback
loop. I think some careful testing on the programmers part
would have caught this, unless there's some problem where
fraction values can't be entered. So everyone, should be
careful using this plugin, feedback doesn't make any
engineer look good.


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