consensus on settings and plugins

Woodenmike wrote on 6/29/2012, 12:01 AM
I'm finishing up a new build tomorrow and will be loading VP11, and wanted to know if there has been a general consensus on the best settings, preferences, plug-ins to use, plug-ins not to use, etc. in order to have the program run as smooth as possible. I know many have been having problems with this release and that there have been many posts trying to figure out what has been the sources of the problems, but wonder if you all have come to any definitive conclusions regarding any of this or if it is just hit or miss. I will post the new specs tomorrow for the new build. I will be setting this up for video editing (VP11), audio editing (sound forge 10), photo editing (lightroom4, photoshop 5.5), and Word for handling formatted text. I'm particularly interested in which plug-ins have been causing issues so that i can avoid loading them (I have many new Blue, Isotope, Boris FX, Red Giant, and pro-dad plugs).


Steve Mann wrote on 6/29/2012, 12:24 AM
There's no "general consensus" except that you need Windows 7 and 64-bit is highly recommended.

I have everything you listed except ProDad and Red Giant. No serious problems (though I do have to save my work often when using New Blue).

Get the fastest processor you can afford and load the motherboard with as much RAM as it will hold.