Continually Have to Log In to Forum and Other Appl

Larry Clifford wrote on 10/2/2015, 8:35 AM
Environment: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (current on updates from Microsoft; installed 3/13/3011 and never reloaded), IE 11.0.23.

I was always leaving this forum logged in. When I wanted to leave the forum I just closed the Window. I did NOT logout.

When I wanted to use the forum I just opened IE and went to the list of all programs. It was automatically logged in because I did not logout.

Now I have to log in each time I use the forum. The User ID and Password are filled in. I previously asked IE to memorize the ID and password. I then have to check "Remember my email and password on this computer" and "Login".

This happens on other programs, e.g., Gmail.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.


rraud wrote on 10/2/2015, 10:06 AM
Have you tried anther browser. I prefer Firefox, but Chrome & Safari are options as well.
BTW, IE is being discontinued.
Bliss Video Productions wrote on 10/2/2015, 10:54 AM
Sounds like you might have IE setup to not remember your surfing history, or to not store cookies. Without cookies, you won't be able to remain logged into sites.

In IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab and see if your level is set to 'High'. If so, drop it down. See if that resolves the problem.

Larry Clifford wrote on 10/6/2015, 1:28 PM
Thank you Bliss Video Productions.

I went to the Privacy tab and it was set to Medium, which it has always been.

I changed it to Low. I hope that doesn't make my system vulnerable to attacks.

I then restarted IE. There was no change.

Where else can I make changes to allow cookies to be saved? That was mentioned in a previous post.

This really puzzles me because I have not knowingly made any changes to my system.

Chrome was also mentioned as an alternative. That has been installed, but I have seldom used it. There are two think I don't like:

1. When I have multiple windows open in IE and I accidentally close the application it asks me if I want to close all of the tabs or only the current one showing. I usually want to keep the reset of the tabs open. Chrome just closes everything.

2. In IE I know where the favorites are stored, and I can back them up or move the entries around using Windows Explorer. I don't know where they are stored in Chrome.

OldSmoke wrote on 10/7/2015, 8:43 AM
Are you using "InPrivate" mode? If so, that is the problem.

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Larry Clifford wrote on 10/9/2015, 9:04 AM
I went to the Privacy tab and lowered the setting to Accept All Cookies. It has improved greatly. The real test will come when I go to more sites. The important ones are working.

Thank you everyone for you help.