Continuous request for update to Pro 19

Adrian-Alexander wrote on 3/9/2023, 8:17 PM

I am having a constant battle to get past update prompts for new versions of Vegas Pro 19./ Every time I open the program it requests that I perform 2 updates which I have already done, and followed instructions, clicking instal when I close the program, but when the program opens it again, it gives the same messages??

Also if I place a simple .Mov file on the timeline and press play, it says it can't play the requested media, but doesn't say why.I am running windows 11, but the issue was also present running windows 10.

Any guidance would be most welcome.


RogerS wrote on 3/10/2023, 3:20 AM

Just download the files directly from this forum.

For mov not all types can be opened natively in Vegas. Where's it from? Some older file types decode with QuickTime which can be enabled in preferences/ deprecated features (plugin has to be installed too).

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