Controlling clipping in CDA 5.2

gkitf16 wrote on 9/23/2005, 9:03 PM
I'm a bit new to CDA, and learning on the fly. After spending a lot of time tweaking and burning 2 CD's, both of which have quite a bit of clipping in them, I'm pondering wherer did I go wrong here? I used wave hammer surround and track compressor, watched for obvious overload on the master level, but I don't can't see any way to observe clipping during editing on a waveform monitor. There's no way to determine if you're too hot while editing, other than listening and watch for red clip warnings (which there weren't any) on the master meter. The results sound much worse than what you hear while editing, no clipping cutoff during editing, but the finished burn sounds nasty, uggh!


wymondham wrote on 11/4/2005, 10:56 AM
Hi Gkitt16
I have found this as well. I normalise in Sound Forge and not in CDA. But have you tried in CDA: Preferances, editing, Normalise Peak level. Its here that the maximum level can be set. I would suggest up to -0.5 under maximum level.