Controlling Digital Mixer with Vegas 5

tonester wrote on 12/29/2004, 6:30 AM
Hello All:

I read in a recent "Videomaker" magazine review of V5, that it is possible to have Vegas control the fader movement of a digital mixer. Apparently, this is a new feature of version 5. Can anyone explain to me how this works? Is it via Midi CC#'s, or via NRPN's. I have version 4, which does not seem to have this feature.( unless I am missing something). This would be of interest to me, since I use a fostex VM200 mixer to control faders in Sonar 4.
Lastly, what can and can't be controlled?

Thanks in advance for any help before I upgrade.



Arks wrote on 12/29/2004, 7:00 AM
I use the Behringer B-control BCF-2000 model to control the faders of vegas and also let vegas control the faders of the mixer. It is being used in Mackie control emulation in vegas via USB MIDI. I would get the vegas 5 demo if possible and play with the MIDI controls to see if your mixer will work. You can customize and tell the mixer what to do via many MIDI controls from vegas 5 (as far as I know). SPOT demonstrated the use of some of the Tascam USB products in his vegas 5 FASST video; very nice what can be done with these MIDI products.


FuTz wrote on 12/29/2004, 7:18 AM

And maybe, while trying on your side, drop an e-mail to Sony ? the staff usually got solid answers for all kinds of problems. ; )