Copying portion of file to new file

nclark wrote on 4/15/2001, 1:19 AM
I am running Windows 98 and need to break up my
project into small pieces in order to avoid the 4GB file
size limit. I know this seems like a stupid question, but
I how can I select a portion of my project and copy it to a
new file? I've tried selecting it and doing a Save As but
that saves the whole thing. If I Cut or Copy it, I can't
Paste it in a new file. That's all I can think of to try.


nlamartina wrote on 4/15/2001, 1:53 AM

You can use the loop selection (that grey bar up above with
the yellow triangle corners) to select the portion you want
to break up. Do it like this:

1. Place your cursor where you want the portion to begin.
2. Hold down left-click.
3. Drag your cursor rightward to where you want the portion
to end (your selection will be highlighted yellow).
4. Release left mouse button. You now have your selection.
5. Goto the "FILE" menu.
6. Select "RENDER AS".
7. Select your appropriate template, but also check the box
near the bottom that says "RENDER IN LOOP REGION ONLY".
8. Hit "OK", and wait for it to render.

There you go. When the first segment is done, just select
and render the next using the same procedure. I hope this
helps, and don't forget to be patient and have fun.

Best wishes,
Nick LaMartina