Corrupt .VOB- Any Ideas?

VegasVidKid wrote on 2/18/2005, 2:44 PM
A few months ago, I burned a DVD+RW of a trip we made to NY. I want to copy it to +R, but I am I getting an error (one of the .VOBs is evidently corrupt). So, now I can't even copy that specific .VOB file onto my hard disk to try to repair it or edit out the bad spot. The DVD+RW plays okay (it just stalls for a second on my player when it hits that spot, and the media visually looks fine.

Is there a way to copy the DVD, even leaving the "bad spot" as-is? It makes no sense to me that Windows will not allow me to copy ANY of that VOB (probably about 1GB), just because it's having a problem reading a couple of bytes.


Anyone have any ideas?


nickle wrote on 2/18/2005, 2:53 PM
There is a program called "Isobuster" that is supposed to salvage things like that.

VegasVidKid wrote on 2/18/2005, 2:57 PM
Thanks I will give it a try. Do you know if the "free" functionality would take of that?
nickle wrote on 2/18/2005, 3:03 PM
I'm pretty sure is does, the author seems to just want a donation.
scifly2 wrote on 2/18/2005, 7:25 PM
Thanks Nickle for the software tip. Im going to try it on a dvd recorded on a Liteon DVR that will not copy with anything ive tried so far. I have since fixed the recorder with a firmware update but I still have one dvd I would really like to be able to make copies of.
clearvu wrote on 2/18/2005, 7:35 PM
Here's another program I've used to salvage corrupt files. DOn't know if it works with VOBs though.