Could use help compressing rap vocals

goodtimej wrote on 5/27/2012, 11:46 PM
Hey all I was hoping I could get some pointers on compressing vocals for rap with Vegas. I record my vocals in Vegas with my effects running so I can monitor as I go. Right now for compression I am just using the vocal preset on the track compressor. Other effects and stuff of course.
Recently I put a song of mine on a forum for critique and quite a few came back saying to compress the heck out of the vocals and I've gotta say this is not something I am super familiar with. Can you please help me with some specific settings that are not on the presets? I also have Sound Forge but would prefer to keep it all in Vegas although that does give me access to Wave Hammer Surround.
If you are curious to hear the song, please do:


Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/28/2012, 11:09 PM
After hearing the rather vile content I don't feel particularly inclined to help. But , whatever ...

The vocal certainly does sound rather puny and drowned by the kick drum, as is pretty much everything else. Try starting with a preset, and play with the settings - that's the best way to learn IMO. Probably 'Threshold' is the one to start with.

Also eqing the kick back a bit could help.

goodtimej wrote on 5/29/2012, 12:32 AM
Vile content, yeah I guess I should have included the warning. Ha. Thanks for the tip.