Crash on startup in w2k

JohanAlthoff wrote on 2/28/2000, 8:05 AM
First error message:

"An exception occured when trying to run

Second error message is a regular windows crash, "the
instruction at 0xBLAHBLAH referenced memory at 0xBLAHBLAH.
The memory could not be "read"".

Clicking OK, I get the third one, "The exception unknown
software exception OxBLAHBLAH occured in the application at
location OxBLAHBLAH."

Now, this crash hasn't been very consistent, so it's very
likely that one or several of my direct-x plugins are
causing this, I tend to install quite a bunch of those.

Still, it's very irritating, hope you guys can help me out
in solving this. I didn't seem to experience this very much
in earlier versions of Vegas.


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