Crashing Vegas

cgerman wrote on 8/13/2000, 2:25 PM
VEGAS caused an invalid page fault in
module VEGASK.DLL at 015f:00633e9c.
EAX=056cfdea CS=015f EIP=00633e9c EFLGS=00010212
EBX=056afd6c SS=0167 ESP=0293fe48 EBP=00c1e690
ECX=02257fdc DS=0167 ESI=00c1e690 FS=35df
EDX=00010040 ES=0167 EDI=00008020 GS=2d56
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0f bf 30 89 74 24 10 83 e8 02 db 44 24 10 83 e9
Stack dump:
00c1e690 00635122 02217ee0 056afd6c 00010040 3f800000
ff5d40a5 022c2194 004d9922 009104ae 02217ee0 00c1e690
056afd6c 00008020 3f800000 024cf0dc

This is what comes up every time I hit play.
I have the update... I've tried uninstalling and re
installing several times... I've ask tech support and none
of the solutions work. Has anyone else had this problem?
Please help!


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