Create DVD or Blu-ray with multiple audio formats?

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/21/2020, 12:21 PM

I'm creating both DVD and Blu-ray versions of a music video using DVD-A 6. I have two audio tracks people can select on their player's remote: One is a 5.1 mix in AC3 format, and other other is stereo PCM to avoid lossy compression. I have several commercial concert video DVDs with these audio options, so I know it's possible. But I don't see how to assign two separate audio formats in the Project Properties dialog. It seems the three choices - PCM Stereo, AC-3 stereo, and AC-3 5.1 Surround - will be applied to the entire disk. If this is addressed in the manual or Help I can't find it. Thanks!


Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/21/2020, 4:48 PM

LOL, never mind, I found it. File .. Optimize Disk lets you specify the audio format for individual tracks. There's no mention of this anywhere in the Help, or that I could find in the manual.