ChristerTX wrote on 9/9/2005, 2:48 PM
I guess the question is what video format the PSP accept.
If it is regular MPEG2 then the answer is yes, the Vegas Platinum (and previous versions) will do it.

Platinum will render to the major popular formats. If you get a Divx or Xvid encoder it will render that too.

I think the only limitation is Quicktime if I'm not misstaken, but for $30 you can get Quicktime Pro and convert e.g. an .AVI from Platinum to Quick Time.

jtuffen wrote on 9/10/2005, 2:49 PM
The file format is MP4 (supported by Quicktime). At the moment I use the freeware 'video 9' converter program; however, there would be a certain logic to making 'sony media software' products able to generate files compatible with 'sony electronics' products ;-)