Creating Audio CD questions

BobMoyer wrote on 1/18/2010, 4:48 PM
I just created my first audio CD and I have a few questions. It was created AND burned using Vegas 9.0c. I could not find an option to name the CD so that it would show up as "Title". Neither could I name the tracks. And finally, I layed it out as an audio cd with the 2 second gap between songs but I cannot seem to advance the CD player to the other tracks. Is it something I did or didn't do correctly or is it the way the CD player is reading my creation?

Thanks for any help or guidance on these issues.



jbolley wrote on 1/19/2010, 9:21 AM
track and disk names are read and diplayed 2 different ways. The most common is with the online gracenote CDDB and this cannot be accessed from vegas. The much less common way is CD text. Vegas cannot write CD text, CD architect is the tool you need for that.
If you can't access your tracks on a CD player, I'd guess something's screwy with your track layout in vegas.
How many tracks do you have? How did you make the track markers? Where is the first marker, where is the last marker?

BobMoyer wrote on 1/19/2010, 4:06 PM
I only had one track. I put all of my songs end to end and then selected the layout for an Audio CD, which put in the 2 second space between songs. Should I have each song on its own track? Markers?...I didn't use any! Sorry to be so dumb about this but this is the first CD that I have burned.

drbam wrote on 1/19/2010, 7:47 PM
Yes you have to insert a track marker between each track. Place the cursor where you want the marker and press "n" on your keyboard or use the dropdown menu and select 'insert track marker' (or whatever its called). I always use the keyboard to do this.
BobMoyer wrote on 1/20/2010, 11:14 AM
Sorry to be so dense, but can I leave them all on ONE track and then insert the markers between them or should each song be on it's own track?

rraud wrote on 1/20/2010, 1:32 PM
Assuming you mean 'one file' with all the songs on it...
Sure, just put the track markers where you want em'. There's also no need to put the :02 pause between trk.s if there is enough space already. Burn using DAO mode, though I'm not sure Vegas even has the TAO mode.
jbolley wrote on 1/20/2010, 1:53 PM
Please try reading the manual included with the software. Try searching "CD burning" or "disk-at-once." A lot of your questions are answered there.