Creating multipart video series with VMSP16

Malix82 wrote on 3/8/2019, 5:07 AM


Most of my video editing work is creating video series with multiple parts. All parts share ~more or less same tracks (1 main footage track, audio tracks, few overlay videotracks for annotation and such), effects and whatnot. The question is, what is the smart(er) way of doing this?

Currently, I just slap all footage on the timeline and section the episodes with regions for rendering (ie. I doubleclick the region to select it, then render the selection).

But, I've started to question this method a bit, is there a better way? Ideally, I'd like a fresh timeline for each episode so I wouldn't have to mathy-math-math or "eyeball it" to make the episodes roughly the same length. But I don't think VMSP has option to have multiple timelines, or it's well hidden, or is the idea to just have a project file per each episode?